Myspace Comments For Valentines Day - How To Choose?

by CD Mohatta - Date: 2008-08-01 - Word Count: 249 Share This!

Valentine's day is coming nearer. As the day approaches, everybody who wants to share love is thinking of ideas about gifts, cards, celebration, and myspace comments. Believe me, for those who are active on myspace there is nothing more precious than to look for good comments to send to their beloved. Let me tell you how to chose the myspace comments for Valentine's Day.

Myspace Valentine Comment Design Selection-

Avoid clip arts. Do not choose any comment that looks ordinary. Look for well made comment with proper color and font. If the design has hearts or flowers, select them first. Try to choose a design that will be liked by your sweetheart. If they do not like a particular color, avoid that. The choice of design should be one, which is appreciated by your lover.

Size of Comment-

I have noticed people sending giant sized comments. When that is put in the profile, it distorts the whole profile. It also slows down the downloading of profile. This will one-day get your comment deleted. The wise will send a neat comment of decent size, not exceeding three inches either way.

Graphic or flash comment?

Most of the websites are offering JPG graphics as comments. Only one or two sites offer flash comments. Flash comments look better because of clearer color definition. Graphics may be little lighter in weight, but they have become too common. Select flash comment and send it with a smile on your lips and love in your heart on the Valentine's Day.

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