Pushing Domain Names

by Michael Strand - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 263 Share This!

Pushing domain names is a quick, cost-effective way to move domain names around to new owners. The concept of the domain push is so easy in fact many people don't believe it could be so simple, but guess what? It is.

99.9% of domain registrars allow their members to push domain names to one another for free and they also allow new members to sign up for free. Which eradicates the need for buyers and sellers to transfer domain names to one another which can be lengthy and full of problems.

So what is a domain name push ?

A domain name push is when the domain name owner push or places one of the domain names they own into another users account at the same registrar. So if Bob has bobsplace.com registered at godaddy.com and he sells it to John John can sign up at godaddy if he isn't already a member and have the domain pushed into his account by Bob. Domain pushes are instant so you will receive your domain and immediately be able to change any settings you wish.

There is no limit to the amount of domain name pushes a registrar allows and there is also no limit on the amount of registrars you can be registered at. I would recommend signing up to as many as you need to enable pushes of domains. If the point comes where you want to gather all the domain names in one place at least you will only be transferring between your accounts and will be in complete control of all aspects of the transfer.

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