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What your Upline Won't Tell you

Recently i decided to wright something like a Road Map to Success in order to clear once and for all, that making money on the internet in any Form off Buisness is not just joining a Buisness.The Reason why i wanted to do this is that i had a look on Youtube the other day and i found thousands off Video's off any kind off Buisness Opportunities but not one off then actually told you what to do after you decided to join them.Now i was absolutely amazed by how many Website hits they recieved and the comments on them where most off the Time really posetive.What they didn't tell them how to get the amazing Results which they all where claiming."Period"

I wanted to give you a quick overview what it takes to get all these Hits and leads on there website.Don't be fooled.There is a lot off work to do and that is what most off the Marketer won't tell you. I've Been there.

Now you've got a Buisness,what next?

You have to start Advertising and that's where the hard work starts.There are many forms of Advertising and i want to tell you also about a form of advertising that is nearly forgotten these Days(Offline Advertising).So i want to a little bit into details here but without writing a roman.As i said you've got a Buisness Opportunity and this is how to start Advertising.

1.Add an electronic signature to all your outgoing emails.An electronic Signature is a follow up in your email after you signature.It is a subtle way to keep your buisness in front of people and NOT come across as an overzealous marketer or buisness person.Remember,most people love to buy things.They just had to be SOLD.

2.Send an email invitation to your friends,family,e-mail list if yo've got one,lettting them know you're open for a Buisness.Now i know that some people don't want to do this but why not?If you got a Opportunity which you feel comfortable with then you have nothing to fear.

3.Publish your Website and email adress on all your correspondence-buisness cards,letterhead,mailers ect.

4.Start generating Traffic to your want trargeted Visitors with some interest in your offer(more to that later).

5.Design an ad for your Website and post it free(low cost) in online classifieds ads.(Ask me for sample ads if you like).

6.Place classified ads in local and regional papers driving potential prospects to your site,so that you can start making money.

7.Promote yourself to online NewsGroups.Join forums and be interactive in there.Don't try to sell in there that just don't work,you will upset a lot off people.Just make sure you have got your signature in your messages.

8.Start finding ways to gain free publicity.Write a PRESS RELEASE about your Site and youe new buisness.This will help to get possible links back to your Website to help with search engine rankings which can help you to get more traffic.(To get this faster you should write one press release a month)

9.Another way to get free publicity is to write articles and place them in different places on the Internet.Similar to press release,this can help you to get links back to your site and may help increase your search engine rankings and ultimately create more traffic.Now remember to get a better result you should at least write 3 articles a week in the beginning in order to get noticed.One tip here,try to spinn your Article while you submit it to all the article directories.

A few other ideas which have shown to give good results would be to get your own domain name and forward it to your website.This helps you brand your Website and is easy to d.You can pick up a domain name realy cheap these days.Some i recommend is and!

Get buisness cards for your buisness.You can get cards sometimes free in some off the Opportunities out there.You may also want to consider using 2 sided card with testimonial of your Biz Opportunity.Most people have no clue how to use a buisness card.Consider your card like an ad and focus on the person who is reading it.They are not interested in you and your company adress or phone number.They are interested in knowing wether you can help solve their problem!

What is their greatest problem?

Most people sat it's freedom and lack of money.Focus your ad and your message at providing the solution to those things.Finally,you may want to consider doing pay per click traffic to drive traffic to your website.

In summary,if you follow the guidelines listed,placing signature in your email,sending email invitation to your an ad online(and off),promote yourself to News Groups.get free publicity using press releases and articles.get buisnesscards,send out mailers,as well as pay per click media on the Internet,you might be on your way to your Online Success.Not today,not tommorow but you will certanly see some results you can be proud off.

Now some people might read this and say i know all this,why is he telling me that?Listen i know for fact that 95% of the people have heard this but don't even start doing it or simple don't know how to start.I just want to ask you a Question at this point.

a.What if you find a Buisness opportunity who does most off the work for you?

b.What if somebody would show you how exactly,how to place your advertising and media ADS?

c.What if you could learn and earn at the same Time?

d.What if you could get your own Media Placement Advisor?

Imagine for a moment that somebody will teach you the way to market on the internet.Thousands are struggle to make a penny on the internet.Thousands havn't got a clue how to advertise.So if you will learn it,do you think you will pass that on to your downline?I bet you will.In order to make money on the internet you need a downline who exactly does what you allready do after you learned the important advertising tools.

Most off the Opportunities won't let you in the secrets to make more money and generate thousands off leads.There are only a handfull of opportunities

who realy have you in mind first and then earning with you and from you.Keep that in mind if you want to start to create an income from home.So after all i would you to consider to learn this tools and get a Company who creates an income for you,while you are in the learning process of becoming an Internet Meadia Placement Professionel.

The Success is yours today!If you want to get on the fast track then use a guaranteed Response System like 24HourWebcash.

Thanks for reading and if you like to commend on this or have any questions feel free to do so.Have a nice day.

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