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Saw on my turn, I stood in the line, walking is not, do not walk no. Outlined by his hook hands looked horrendous job painting table, and speaks my mind on, "not stated as early as one meter tall you are looking for more than 5 June, so I have to the door, you come to this move, as early as know the team has not ranked this injustice. "

'll Contact the interviewer recruitment poster on the wall behind it, "museum admission copy planning, news, Chinese professional can" bracket "on June 5 asked for more than a meter tall, good image quality." This damn brackets, why not this one marking leaflets? Even if I wear the pain of foot today High-heeled shoes Nor to one meter on June 5 ah. I felt was a harsh laugh at the one. Fortunately, there are spaces in front of heroes colleagues, or the interviewer can see a burst of my face then red and white.

Just be tied up by the arm, I finally was seized and turned over courtroom, and carefully handed him the "court statement," calm as possible to do a simple self-introduction, the interviewer looked up at me, but also lower look at me goes to to resume, rather abruptly to one, "Oh, your name is very special." I temporarily intangible North, had replied: "Yes, that is owned by the Warring States Period End Pik Lin Zhao Lin Hsiang-ju's."

He nodded, then gave me a lengthy glances, that is neither sharp nor cold eyes, made me goose bumps from the 1. "Where are you ah?" I pointed to resume the column on the origin, said: "Liuyang, Hunan Province." "Liuyang River famous wine." Is irrelevant, I realized that the game is faster, and have to pay close attention to the next show his eloquence, so he made his own home some description.

Finally, his eyes moved to resume the first two, "Well you have a lot of prize", finally saw some of my strengths, I hasten to say that this is my school to participate in various activities in progress. He again raised his head and superficial way they looked at me glances, or about long-sighted, Wen Wen's energy predicament dead, I seemed to see his mouth moving: "You do not see that our request?" Right now can not wait own grows into a Yao Ming.

"Yao I can not cut, but whatever the outcome, grown into a SHK Well, not tall, but the United States face the dead, seven halo fans may interviewer eight factors, perhaps the unconventional hired." Fantasy not had time, I has been politely call out a "courtroom." To look at ourselves, less than a meter tall and 6, into the museum seems to really tarnish your image.

Adjust the mood, he moved to the next unit of civilian posts Post Office. This time I can see clearly, no other brackets plus a small font, so feel free to make a long queue behind the tail. Half an hour down, while wearing high heels the first time I've been tired I just want get on the ground, but still Ping Ping Ting Ting, generous self-confidence to sit in front of the interviewer.

With this experience, I decided to pre-emptive. Hand side handed resume introduce himself, "Hello, I am certain University School of Journalism and Communication ... ..." before I could finish on the other hand has been interrupted me: "Sorry, we did not recruit news Department of interests. "like a bolt from the blue, directly to hack me down on the stool.

Just going to pick up things go, but a glimpse of the recruitment poster behind them in the recruitment of professional end of a clearly and simply the most is the "news." This, I studied journalism career motivation to come up.

"It was not written strokes news?" I said confidently, pointing poster.
"We do not recruit this year, it is their wrong." Interviewer was a young woman, Topics created to explain to me the same time, with a view to indicate next to the staff, also a young woman, not Compact does not slowly stood up, picked up next to a white, got tape, under the Job "news" posted the word go.

Abnormal annoyed me in this move, even without such a move will not have absolute right? "I would like to ask you to explain why the move did not recruit Chinese news? I have been very good, very solid foundation in Chinese, has published many articles, I will write poetry, ask yourself the Faculty of Arts students are not lost ... ..." I tried to exercise restraint with his own anger, but there is some aggressive tone.

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