Get Rich Quick...A New Year's Resolution!

by Bob Alexander - Date: 2007-01-04 - Word Count: 720 Share This!

It's time to make those promises to yourself about how you're going to change your life this year! Number one on most of our lists is how we're going to make more money…fast! Some of us even dream about the possibility of getting rich through the internet! It can happen, but if you've struggled as I have this year trying to find something that works for me, maybe my efforts will help you!

While there seems to be no end to the numbers of money making opportunities on the internet to make you loads of money, I have found it difficult to put many of these ideas to use. Most of the sites that offer help appear to be written by geeks who believe that everyone possesses the knowledge of the internet that they have. It doesn't work that way with me! I still have a hard time turning on the computer; much less know how to optimize search engines!

My first efforts were with Ebay and I was thrilled when I made my first three dollars profit after selling something I had bought at a yard sale. After a few such sales I had made almost ten dollars. It doesn't take a genius to know that this is not the way to riches so I decided to set up an Ebay Store.

While Ebay is free to run internet auctions, they do charge minimal amounts for items if they are sold at auction. An Ebay Store is not free. It doesn't cost a lot each month to run the store, but you have to have items to sell. There are a lot of companies that will sell you items to resell to Ebay buyers. Unfortunately most of them charge you a fee for that privilege in addition to the cost of the item.

There are also drop ship companies that will allow you to advertise an item, then buy it from them and they will ship it to your customer. It sounds good, but I was never able to upload the correct items to my Ebay Store page. Once again, most of the instructions from both the drop ship company and Ebay were Greek to me. They had to have been written by the Geek!

As the weeks and months passed I was still unable to manage my Ebay Store, I was being charged a monthly fee from both the shipper and Ebay. The only one who wasn't making money was me! Even after I got help from the wholesaler in the form of a standard letter of instruction on how to sell, my efforts were wasted.

Obviously there are hundreds, if not thousands, of folks making money from their Ebay Stores. I realize I'm not technically inclined, so I'm not angry that I wasn't able to accomplish much more than spend money. This was while I was trying to make money! I'm good at other things like fishing and barbecuing. I only wish there was a simplified program on how to conquer the technical aspects of internet marketing; one that a dunce could master.

One of the things I tried while I was trying to set up my Ebay store was reselling E-books advertised on Ebay. There were many that intrigued me when I read their sales pages, but after I bought them, I couldn't figure out how to upload the index file, the JPEG, as well as images, images2, images3, logo, source-code, index, reprint-rights, slc, sales letters, thanks-slc, sales letter, z-instructions and other downloaded items. I still don't know what slc means!

After buying enough e-books to get a gold star by name on Ebay, I was never able to upload them to my E-bay page to sell them in my store. By seeing the hundreds of e-books listed on Ebay, it appears that I'm really an idiot. Well, each village needs one and I'm happy to serve.

I like E-bay! Even though I haven't been able to succeed in some aspects of this huge auction site, I do sell a little something every once in awhile to keep my account active. It is fun and you can make money. I only hope that you're smarter than me and can earn money faster than I have! Dumb or not, I know if you stick with something and learn from your mistakes, you'll win in the end!

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