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In the approaching Manila elections, a prospect with supreme pro life advocacy has indicated his desire to lead Manila to a new beginning. Lito Atienza for Manila mayor is a motto which represents a suitable chapter to the vast history of Manila. His place in Philippine politics is a lofty one, and this he shares with his family background. In the upcoming Manila elections, it would be hard to go against this man.

Lito Atienza is a devout Roman Catholic, who is also President of Pro-Life Philippines. Collectively with his spouse, this candidate for the Manila elections acquired international prominence in Rome as an official delegate in the Pontifical Council for the Family. He was afforded a standing ovation for accentuating that the Philippines has the highest percentage of citizenry who values life, family and the elderly. Lito Atienza for Manila mayor thinks of pro-life measures in our society.

Even during his previous tenure in Philippine politics in the City of Manila, he opposed all forms of contraception or abortion or sex education programs. Lito Atienza for Manila mayor would signify an administration that will be absolutely pro-life from top to bottom. We should vote for this man during the Manila elections if we oppose abortion or those who are contrary to natural conception. The state of Philippine politics would for sure need a spiritual leader who has values such as him.

To bolster the Lito Atienza for Manila mayor certification, he conceived Rachel's Support Group, a group of volunteers who suffered post abortion syndrome. This group of this astonishing nominee for the Manila elections held counseling to women contemplating abortion and aimed at discouraging them from doing so. Because of his drives in Philipine politics, thousands of women represented given the right perspective and thousands of babies were saved. These are simply few of the causes why Lito Atienza for Manila mayor should be a battle cry.

Lito Atienza for sure belongs to the old guard of Philippine politics. But he dwells in the dependable slope of this vein of the political universe. He has a strong educational background, with kin who are responsible public servants like himself. Apart from this, he has the core values of pro-life rationales which establishes him a virtuously upright potential mayor.

Come voting day, these achievements of Lito Atienza are directed at the vanguard of our consciousness. We have a potential mayor who is pro-life, who is socially conscious, and who is helpful. We have a potential mayor who grew up in the city, and whose grandest ambition is to make it great. If you are a member of the electorate of the City of Manila, the most logical thing is to go for this man.

Lito Atienza for Manila Mayor - this is a slogan that is apt for what the city of Manila needs nowadays. The Manila elections are coming and the carnival has started again. Philippine politics will have its share of reliable ones while also giving its population of looney and wrong choices. Lito Atienza belongs to the latter and there is no further proof of this other than his pro life advocacy.

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