Design Improvements Make Delivery Trucks Better

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Due to the unique needs of the truck drivers who deliver oil daily for fuel oil distributors, manufacturers of the delivery trucks always strive to be working on vehicle enhancements to make their job easier and safer. As with any business, it's often the "little things" that can make a big impact on the bottom line.

Achieving greater productivity during the delivery cycle of fuel oil can make life easier and more enjoyable for both delivery drivers and customers, which merits enhancements special attention from smart business owners. Forward-thinking companies focus on making their operations run more smoothly and safely as well.

Enhancements That Make Delivery Easier For Fuel Oil Delivery Drivers

What type of enhancements can make delivery easier for fuel oil delivery drivers? The most valuable of these upgrades can be separated into two classifications: maneuverability and durability.


Maneuverability is critically important for fuel oil delivery, as drivers must often negotiate streets that are not necessarily friendly to a larger vehicle. Even simple design enhancements such as a good wheel cut can make it much easier to handle the delivery truck in tight spaces and winding roads. Oil and gas drilling companies value enhancements such as these that allow oil distributors to have a more efficient delivery system.

Maneuverability can also be enhanced by other changes in the fundamental design of the delivery vehicles. Having the front axle set further apart from one another can contribute to a better wheel cut, as can the addition of a carefully designed, swept-back bumper. Other design improvements can include a windshield with a greater surface area for improved visibility. Add in a sloped hood and a dashboard designed to be low-profile, and visibility improves even more.

Maneuverability doesn't have to be limited to how the vehicle moves; the drivers themselves matter, too. Truck manufacturers are getting more in touch with the drivers day-to-day needs, adding features such as door openings that are wider and more generous, easy-reach handles that drivers can grab on to as they enter the vehicle, and of course a step height that is lower to ease strain on drivers. These features and more have the benefit of reducing fatigue for drives, which in itself adds a productivity boost.


Durability is also a strong consideration for manufacturers of fuel oil delivery trucks. Axle strength must carefully be considered, as the demand of some trucks will need to support weights up to fifteen tons in order to carry the two thousand to three thousand gallons of fuel oil these trucks will hold.

Other design improvements that impact the durability of a vehicle include things like headlamps (the low-beam variety) that triple the life span by using halogen technology instead of the traditional "sealed beam" construction. Even the simple things like a hydraulic hood assist device improve durability by making it easier to get into the engine compartment when the time comes to do scheduled (and unscheduled) maintenance.

Making things easier to use and increasing their return on investment is a great idea for fuel oil delivery truck manufacturers to adopt. But these principles can work wonders in any industry, and allow companies to focus on making their business processes more efficient in the same way every day.

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