Determining What The Zodiac Symbols Control

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There have been many books written on this type of vedic literature that concentrate on the study of the zodiac charts that the zodiac symbols exist under. There are many vedic books on the market today that concentrate on the study of the zodiac symbols and how they affect each individual.

The zodiac symbol, Virgo, is ruled by Mars and Red Coral, while it rules over enemies, the navel area, intestines, and the digestive tract of the body. Virgo rules over worries, anxieties, obstacles, enemies that are external and internal, thieves, challenges, tests, and urges for perfection such as self-improvement techniques. Virgo also controls turning obstacles into opportunities, competitive power with the ability to rise above competitors, difference of opinion, and conflicts. Virgo controls borrowing, bank drafts, debts, diseases, suffering, and wounds and ulcers that are a result of disease. The majority of individuals born under the Virgo sign will seek the medical profession in order to care for the sick such as jobs in nursing. Virgo also rule over daily jobs, service, colleagues, co-workers, subordinates, employees, hygiene, preparation of food, appetite, quadrupeds, pet animals, and receiving charity.

Libra is ruled over by Venus and the Diamond, while it rules over the spouse, the area below the navel, the colon, and internal sexual organs. Libra rules over the husband, wife, partner, lover, marriage, partnership, sexual affairs, medium-term desires, business partner, co-operation, trade, and commerce. Libra also controls travel, journeys, law courts, litigation, residence abroad, nature of spouse, relationship with all others, the world at large as seen by the native, happiness from children.

Scorpio is ruled over by Saturn and Blue Sapphire, while it is known to have a vulnerable point. Scorpio rules over all external sexual organs, longevity, transformation, intuition, tantra, mysteries of life and death, past and future births. Scorpio also control psychic abilities, cognition of universal consciousness, transcendence, rebirth, discontinuation, separation, upheaval, calamity, change, and chronic ailments. Scorpio rules over dangers, agonies, accidents, enemies, conflicts, battles, battle forts, mode of death, wealth of spouse, unearned wealth, inheritance, underground places, hidden treasures, and overseas journeys.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and Yellow Sapphire, while it is known as the natural law. Sagittarius rules over the vedic sciences, support of nature, merits from past lives, fortunes, wisdom, meditation, remedies, and medicine. Sagittarius also controls life philosophy, world view, religion, faith, guru, worship, piety, morality, ethics, higher education, professional training, children, solution to problems, visits to shrines, pilgrimages, foreign travels, air travels, and the hips and thighs in the body.

Capricorn is ruled by Mercury and the Emerald, while it is known for its actions. Capricorn rules over activity, occupation, profession, career, reputation, prestige, success, status in society, honor from government, promotion, and rank. Capricorn controls over the renown, fame, ambition, happiness, authority, royalty, ruling power, sense of importance, dignity, living in foreign lands, commerce, trade, clothing, and in the human body it controls the knees and spine.

Aquarius is ruled by Jupiter and Yellow Sapphire, while it is known for its gains. Aquarius rules over income, gains, long-term desires, profits, all articles, prosperity, fulfillment of hopes, and wishes. Aquarius controls good news, auspicious events, elder siblings, circle of friends, associations, community, club life, society, opportunities, success in undertakings, quadrupeds, difficulties, diseases, and the calves, ankles, and left ear of the human body.

Pisces is ruled by Saturn and Blue Sapphire, while it known for its losses. Pisces rule over expenses, losses, wastes, loss of relativity, renunciation, enlightenment, loss of attachment, and loss of identification. Pisces control intoxication, emigration, lonely places, donations, charity, journey to far off distant lands, confinement in prison, barracks, hospital or monastery, pleasures of the bed, spies, secret enemies, fall, and sin and the feet and left eye in the human body.

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