Why Men Keep Cheating on Their Women to See Other Girls

by Jenny Willston - Date: 2010-04-12 - Word Count: 513 Share This!

In every relationship fidelity is very important and most separations occur due to the lack of fidelity. Most couples start seeing each other, increase their mutual understanding, move in together, spend their time with each other but then all of a sudden you start feeling that your partner is not paying much attention to you. He is coming home late and is mostly tired; all the fun in your relationship dries up.

You start wondering is it the work load in office or the young, hot colleague of his which is taking all of the time that was supposed to be yours. The suspicious things start to pop up like the unknown numbers, ladies fragrance and men taking up more time to their preparations. They start to argue with each other that turn into huge fights and ultimately end up in separations.

But sometimes, what women ignore is the fact that made their men cheat on them. Most of the relationships start with huge expectations. Both partners try to impress each other they dress good, smell good, work on their looks but once they get pass this phase and enter into a serious relationship; women start to take it for granted. They do not work on their dressing, looks any more and they don't watch their diet. Soon the pretty girls turn into middle aged average women. Frankly men are all about presentation, they always want the pride of being with the best girl. Women on other hand are more into sincerity, trust and caring. Men don't mind attitude as long as the faces they are looking at are pretty.

Keeping your guys to yourself is not very hard, if you just keep your self well trimmed as you were during your dating period, and keep the element of mystery in your personality because men like puzzles. Keep yourself updated with the latest fashion and happenings, be interesting and have fun. Never stop flirting with your man, they would love it, don't turn yourself in a boring housewife. Once your looks and talks are dull they will start looking for the beauty and charm around them.

Never under estimate the power of good looks and beauty. It can do wonders; you can keep your man from cheating on you by keeping a close look at your presentation and his routine. Do not let your life become dull and boring.

Another important factor in a relationship is sex; no one can undermine its importance. It is biologically proven fact men are more sexual in nature due to its evolutionary importance. So it is very important that both mates are compatible in bed. If the woman were showing a cold shoulder to the man it is more likely he would try to fulfill his needs from somewhere else. Women should keep them sexy and should not wear lose and grumpy outfits. The way that makes into a man's heart is through his stomach and more importantly is through eyes. Both partners should keep the intimacy alive in their sexual life. A healthy sexual life is an indication of strong relationship.

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