Planter Boxes - Powerful Tools To Bring Nature A Little Closer

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If you like bringing nature to life in your home environment, you may soon be stocking up on planter boxes.

Many people think of planter boxes as large plastic troughs that are placed on the windows of apartment buildings in the city. They picture rows of plastic bins that grow a few flowers, as the only kind of greenery that some apartment dwellers are going to see.
Planter boxes are much more than that.

Don't get me wrong, planter boxes are a great option for an apartment dweller that wants to see some greenery, but they do not have to be as dreary as the initial image. Some planter boxes can be very stylish and can grow more than flowers. With careful container gardening, a set of planter boxes can grow a number of the salad ingredients used in an apartment home. There is a whole gardening art based on using planter boxes in non-traditional planting areas to add a little nature to a home.

However, planter boxes also have a purpose to serve in traditional backyards. While you may like your current gardening methods, you may have noticed that when you walk outside you have two distinct areas, your patio area where you may periodically entertain, and the rest of the yard. There is literally a line separating the two, and it may sometimes seem as if no one is allowed to cross that line. But planter boxes can break up this backyard segregation and allow the greenery to meet the deck. Placement of planter boxes will help you blend your patio and deck area with nature and, you can even use them to guide guests to enjoy the rest of the yard. Near dining or sitting areas, a few planter boxes can also add some color to the space and make it seem more welcoming.

You can also use planter boxes to do a little showing off. If you have a green thumb, you no doubt have a few plants you are very proud of, that you put a lot of time into. You can use decorative planter boxes to give these plants their own place of honor, to show off what you have helped nature create. These planter boxes don't have to be put on the deck or patio, they can be placed out in the yard, along with the other plants, to give them a little extra flair in their display.

Planter boxes can also be used to bridge the gap between the house and the yard. Placing a few planter boxes in the windows around your home creates a seamless blend from the structure of your home to the green space you have created around it. It is also nice to have a miniature herb garden in those window planter boxes closest to the kitchen. There is nothing better than cooking in the kitchen and being able to hand pick fresh herbs to finish the flavor of a meal.

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