Paid Online Surveys - to Take or Not to Take

by Diana Cristo - Date: 2006-12-30 - Word Count: 569 Share This!

This Shakespearean dilemma - to take or not to take paid online surveys, is always in the air that newbie survey takers breathe. Many paid survey gurus are arguing about the advantages and benefits of taking paid online surveys, while the skeptics are trying to defame this profitable online job alternative. What is the truth about paid surveys? Are they worth your effort and time? Newbie survey takers, read below to find out what you really need to know about taking paid online surveys.

Many have argued that paid surveys are a waste of time, but have you noticed a single experienced survey taker among the critics? No! That is so, because experienced survey takers are happy with what they can earn with paid surveys, and have achieved the career independence and personal flexibility that they've always dreamt about. Let's be frank - taking paid surveys is not for the old-fashioned, the conservative, or those afraid of challenges. You have to be open-minded, flexible, adaptable and ambitious in order to pursue a successful online career as a survey taker. Once you get started and earn your first cash, you become a fan of paid surveys. Then, you expand your online career horizons by maybe becoming a mystery shopper, freelance writer for some online project, freelance programmer, or whatever else you feel like! Paid surveys are usually just the start. Many have started as paid surveys takers, and are now proud managers of their own family businesses and, most of all, masters of their own time, space and life.

I've had to confront many paid survey takers, and what I've always discovered behind the endless whining about the cons of taking paid surveys is outright sloth. Taking paid surveys is no different than any other job, even though it's much more flexible and fun - it also requires some persistence and willpower. So it's no wonder that many of the slacker survey takers have converted into paid survey critics. The sour-grape story replicates in many of the testimonials about being too nave to invest effort or money for nothing. The paid survey business also is regulated, but it's responsibility of each beginner survey taker to check all sides of the story before embarking on a particular online career or choosing a paid survey provider. There are many survey scams out there, but there are also many good and legit survey sites. Unfortunately, the former spill over their notorious reputation on the latter, and many legitimate businesses have suffered from the surge of scam artists.

Certainly, paid surveys have a lot to offer. You get the freedom to complete surveys at any time, in any number, from wherever you wish. No office hours, boredom and fatigue. You can take vacations any time you want, having unlimited time for yourself, friends and family. You may, and it's preferable to, subscribe to as many survey sites as you wish in order to select only the surveys you like the most. That also increases your chances of getting more regular offers per month, and having multiple online income sources. Moreover, you can take paid surveys in your free time, while you keep your mainstream career or full-time job. Taking paid surveys is not simply an additional source of cash, but provides you with many great prizes and opportunities to consider new products and services. To take or not to take paid surveys? I think you know the answer now. Enjoy!

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