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For some nations names mean not only the one human being identity, they mean the history of the whole family sometimes rooting up to the oldest generations which the family originated from. Names give us the first impression of a person we meet for the time. It is usual thing to ask What is your name? before keeping talking although in most cases our interlocutors names do not say anything about them. Many names have Latin and Greek roots, so deep that many people do not really know what their names mean. However, nowadays more and more people are interested in names origins learning in order to get the right direction in their life and even discover gifts in their nature or conquer bad features in their characters instead.

There was a time when people had only one name. The number of people that each person met and knew was not large. But when the number of people leaving on planet became much larger there were many people who had the same names. So it became necessary to add some more identification and people began adding their fathers names to the end of their own names. It was like 'My name is Mary, the John's daughter' so that Mary could identify herself among other Maries. During the centuries such second additions became people second names, and some phrases emerged into one word such as Johnson, Jackson etc. it is interesting that some nations accepted their jobs as their second names. It was very convenient to identify some John as a waterman or some William as a carpenter. These job identifications also became people second names, or surnames.

Nowadays young generation is used to create new names called nicknames which has become an identification of their interests, features of character or something else.

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