Used Cubicle Furniture Dos And Don't's

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When buying used cubicle furniture, you could end up doing one of two things: buying them extremely cheap and getting the quality you pay for (i.e. average to poor), or buying them reasonably-priced (still much lower than brand-new) and getting quality office furniture that is hard to distinguish from its brand-new counterparts.

Used cubicle furniture is often a great solution, particularly for startup new businesses or for home office setups. Sure, new office furniture is (and always will be) ideal, but if budget and time constraints exist, then used office furniture is a great start. You get low-priced office furniture that does the same job as brand-new.

Besides, when the table will spend most of its time covered in paperwork and cubicle accessories, who's going to notice it didn't come brand-new… and who's going to remember a few years down the road?

Benefits of used cubicle furniture

Used cubicle furniture provides many of the key benefits offered by new furniture, with the additional advantages of lower cost and faster turnaround time.

Unlike suppliers of brand-new office furniture, though, few used office furniture dealers will have the full range of product you want. It's like buying a used car - instead of being able to select the kind and color you really want, sometimes you'll have to make do with what's available.

The best of the used breed are refurbished or remanufactured used cubicle furniture from Knoll, Steelcase, and Herman Miller - these products undergo a remanufacturing process that strips the fabric, cleans and refinishes work surfaces and metal components, and replaces worn surfaces with recycled material.

Used cubicle furniture prices

How much should you pay for used cubicle furniture? Depends on what's available, what you're looking for, and what you think is acceptable.

Name brands like Steelcase and Herman Miller will be more expensive, but their general reliability and sturdiness means that these items will come in rather good condition.

Lesser-known brands may come cheaper, allowing you to buy more complete workstations and cubicle accessories at a set budget - but quality may be an issue for these used cubicles, with noticeable wear and tear and questionable integrity. Remember: lower quality cubicles at the outset = much lower quality when buying these items used!

Where to buy used cubicle furniture?

Used furniture retailers exist in every major city in the U.S. These furniture retailers will offer complete sets of the used furniture you want, provide after-sales service, and possibly offer a warranty for your purchases. Of all your used furniture options, this will be the least cheap, but you pay for the more varied choices and peace of mind after the purchase is made.

You might also consider buying your used cubicle furniture from Craigslist. Craigslist is a great go-to place for used furniture in your area; many offices simply sell their used office furniture when moving, instead of paying big bucks to move their furniture with them.

To search Craigslist for used cubicle furniture, just click on your city, then select the "Furniture" category. Look for listings that describe the item you're looking for, or use the search function to enter keywords pertinent to your needs.

Finally, you might check out your local thrift shop for used furniture that might fit your needs.

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