What Is The Definition Of Web Hosting And Why You Need It To Conduct Business On The Web

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Maybe you have been surfing online for several years now. Perhaps you have produced accounts on a few social networks and you regard yourself to be an experienced person at handling email and RSS feeds. But yet as far as website creation and administration goes, you are basically a newbie. So, you hired someone to construct your website. And now, though, you are supposed to make a choice about web hosting--and you aren't even certain what that is.

Regardless--web hosting isn't a difficult idea to understand. In fact, after looking at this short article, you will be able to answer when other people ask, "What is the definition of web hosting?" Hence, read on--and you will soon be on your way to understanding why you need a web host for your website.

Certainly one of the simplest ways to think of web hosting is to picture your website as a house that has been built in a manufacturing plant, but that needs land on which to be placed. A web host would be the land for your website; hosting providers present websites a place to live.

Another way to grasp what is the description of web hosting might be is to consider a web host as another computer system that has a great deal of room or space. Customers spend to put their websites on that space--the space on the web host--which allows their sites to be presented online.

People who are just a bit more computer savvy might understand that the web host is not simply another computer; web hosts provide the space for their customers on servers. A server is a specialized type of computer that acts as a hub to link up computers. Servers hold and regulate information as well; this is why they are put to use by web hosts for their customers' websites. Another function of servers is that they supply data backup and space for storing. They also serve to provide email and internet access--chances are, you have already happened to be using servers before when surfing the internet and reaching your own email. The servers for web hosting providers aren't all that different ; they just hold more information.

So, why do you really need web hosting for your website? The short answer is that without it, no one other than you will be able to visit your website. You will need web hosting in order for your website to be able to live; in other words, web hosting allows the world to have access to your site. There are additional services that can be provided by web hosting providers, alternatively.

Through the use of a web hosting provider, you will be able to register a domain name--this is the address of your website, such as mywebsite(dot)com. You can also be able to have an email address at your domain name from which people (customers and clients, perhaps?) can contact you. Your email may be something like myname@mywebsite(dot)org. A web host also allows you to store your data online, control the look of your site, and much more.

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