How to Use U Torrent to Make Money

by Antonio Seegars - Date: 2008-08-27 - Word Count: 314 Share This!

U Torrent is the advanced version of the popular torrent client BitTorrent.  Bittorrent came out first but after U Torrent got into the market they took over.  Torrent clients are used to download torrents from popular torrent sites across web. Torrents are nothing more then shared files from someones computer, and depending on the popularity of the file the person is sharing, the file may receive a lot of downloads or it may not receive none at all.

A file that receives a lot of downloads is good news for anybody that wants to make money while they share files at the same time.  Some companies on the internet pay people to share files.  These companies are called Pay Per Install companies and for every download for a file that there affiliates receive that pay 10-25 cents.  So if one of there affiliates uploads a torrent to a popular torrent site and receives a few thousand downloads they can easily make a hundreds of dollars.

Anybody can become a Pay Per Install affiliate as long as they have a computer and a solid internet connection.  The way it works is the affiliate companies give there affiliates install packages to place with there files and whenever they upload torrents they combine there install packages with there files and receive a commission for every download that they receive.

Most affiliates do pretty well because it's not hard to find popular files that people want.  And even if somebody beats them to a site and uploads a file before them they can just go to another site or post there file the next day.  Nobody really complains about duplicate torrent files because the more people sharing files the faster people can download files.  That's why utilizing Pay Per Install with U Torrent is a proven money maker.

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