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Drug abuse by teenagers is very common problem of Today that can lead to terrible consequences in the future. A large percentage of deaths in public between 15 and 25 are apparently associated in some way or the other to drug or alcohol abuse. Such abuse also direct to violent criminal acts, such as stabbing, murder or rape. Some teenagers also take drugs to conquer depression and nervousness.

One main goal of any drug rehab is to create and atmosphere where a patient can feel relaxed enough to be honest and not feel judged. Forty percent of teens say they expect to use a drug in the future. One out of every five kids in eighth grade has already tried marijuana.

If a teenager unexpectedly starts behaving in an abnormal manner or tries to keep detached from others, it means you have reasons to be doubtful. Physical signs such as red eyes, niggling cough, and changes in eating and sleeping behavior should also serve as warning signals.

A teen with a family background of drug use and short of societal skills can turn quickly from the level of trailing to grave abuse or enslavement. Some other teenagers, who have no family history of such abuse, may also arrive at the level of absolute dependency. Although any guess is almost not possible, teenagers with a family history of alcohol or drug abuse should specially abstain and exhortation from experimenting.

The user's concern with drugs, plus its effects on mood and presentation, can lead to poor presentation in schools, colleges or workplaces, resultant in firing. A teen's drug abuse can ravage parents and other family members, and spoil family life. According to a Survey on Substance Abuse teens and their parents view drugs as their biggest concern.

The effects of different types of drugs on teens include tetchiness, insomnia, seizures, anxiety, paranoia, antagonism, memory loss, learning problems, increased heart rate, lethargy, panic attacks, symptoms of continual bronchitis, daily coughs and phlegm, more common chest colds, muscle tension, teeth clenching, dehydration, hypothermia, brain damage, and death.

There are also a number of considerations to ponder when choosing a facility for your or your loved one's treatment

· Complete Continuum of Care
· Detoxification through Extended Care
· Post-Residential Care
· Availability of Medical Staff
· Program Flexibility

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