Why Sunny Queensland is the Perfect Location for Your Next Great Adventure

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Queensland is Australia's second largest state and defines the northeast corner of Australia. Texans may believe that their state is big, but Queensland has them beat by two and half times. One of Queensland's most famous features is the Great Barrier Reef, which runs along the east coast. But this highly diverse coral reef system is only one of many natural wonders that fill this rich Australian state.

One excellent feature of Queensland for residents and businesses is its temperate climate. Coastal locations enjoy cool summer breezes, while tropical areas have warmer temperatures and higher humidities. As you might expect, temperatures in the outback can be high at times, but the lower humidity makes them tolerable. Inland regions and mountainous areas enjoy much cooler temperatures than the coast.

Queensland's capital, Brisbane, is the fastest growing capital city in Australia. Located in southeastern Queensland, Brisbane has prospered through a long period of growth and urban renewal. In contrast to similar-sized cities, Brisbane's downtown residential population is increasing, creating excellent opportunities for business. Local culture and the arts are thriving as well. International convention travel to Brisbane is up. A wide variety of cultural events and major sports matches can be seen throughout the year.

Brisbane is well-known for its casual atmosphere that fosters the growth of personal networks. Creating new partnerships and business relationships takes place in a relaxed setting of friendliness and laid-back atmosphere that is distinctively Australian. Brisbane's real estate market is healthy and growing, and provides ample housing in a complete range of types and prices.

You may be considering starting a new business in sunny Queensland. To give your new Queensland business the best chance to succeed, there are several steps to take as you begin. Make sure you're well-informed about the particular industry or product your business will be in. Knowledge and experience in a certain area makes eventual success of the business more likely. Don't protect your ideas from criticism--in fact, you should seek out people who will give you an honest assessment of your business plans. Listening to their input and incorporating their observations will help to increase the profitability of your Queensland startup. Don't neglect your research of the local market demand and competition.

Locating your business is a major decision. Fortunately, Queensland is an excellent place to begin a company. Queensland's economy has been ruling the economies of every other state in Australia for the last 10 years. Economic growth, employment growth and population growth have all been well ahead of the curve. If current population trends continue, Queensland will soon become Australia's second largest state. More than 25,000 people a year are moving to Queensland, ensuring future growth for new businesses.

Queensland's state government has also proven to be quite friendly to employers with the lowest payroll tax in the country. Businesses located in Queensland pay significantly less in payroll taxes than their counterparts in Victoria or New South Wales. Adding to the business-friendly climate in Queensland is their emphasis on education opportunity. The state is home to nine universities with 26 campuses. In addition, there are many locations available for skilled training. State-wide school enrollment recently topped 700,000 students.

One important aspect that many businesses look for in a location is well-developed infrastructure. When it comes to a modern infrastructure to support the work of business, Queensland wins again with a wide-ranging and smooth road network, sixteen sea ports and three international airports. The Port of Brisbane is busy day and night with international intermodal traffic, making it the second busiest port in Australia. Most Internet users in Queensland subscribe to broadband connections and Internet access is widely available throughout the state.

The state of Queensland offers more than a good climate for business. It also provides a lifestyle that is unequaled anywhere. Business owners, employees and their families will all find Queensland a breathtakingly wonderful place to live, with natural wonders, first-rate beaches, world-class health care and 21st century infrastructure. Housing is affordable and available, and the cost of living is remarkably low even in urban areas.

Starting a new business can be exciting and terrifying. When you're calculating your next business location, everything in Queensland adds up to a perfect choice for new beginnings and your next great adventure.

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