The Lap Band Procedure: What is It?

by Lisa Ortega - Date: 2008-10-17 - Word Count: 525 Share This!

The topic of obesity is one that is ever-present in American society. Studies show that people are fatter than ever thanks to fatty food and no exercise. However, there are some people that, try as they might, just can't lose weight. These are the people who need to lose weight as soon as possible to save their life.

Before, these people didn't have many options, but now they have the option of having a lap band procedure done. The term "lap band" is short for Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery, and has helped thousands of people achieve weight loss goals that they would have never thought possible before.

A person who is a candidate for lap band surgery has to be significantly overweight. Most of the people that have had this procedure done have at least been in excess of three-hundred pounds in weight. A person cannot just go ahead and make and appointment to have this surgery. Rather, he or she will have to undergo a variety of different tests and consultations to see if they are applicable.

The main goal of the lap band procedure is to create a pouch-like area in the upper part of the patient's stomach so that they physically cannot consume a lot of food. This area is created by inserting a gastric band device to, in essence, section off that part of the stomach. The insertion of the gastric band is achieved through small incisions.

Generally, when a person is hungry they eat. However, in the case of very obese people, they eat quite a lot, and sometimes don't know when to stop. The gastric band, which is adjustable, has a built-in balloon device that makes the person feel fuller for a longer period of time, thus leading to the weight loss. People who are interested in having this procedure done are no doubt curious to know how long the procedure takes overall. The procedure, which happens with the patient under general anesthesia, usually takes an hour at the most.

Another thing that potential patients will probably want to know is the specific benefits of this procedure. In other weight loss surgical procedures, the stomach has to be stapled or cut. Since only small incisions are made in this procedure, this means that there is practically no chance or scarring. Additionally, once the person has reached his or her ideal weight, they can have the gastric band removed entirely.

However, just because a person has had this procedure done doesn't mean that he or she can just continue to eat junk food. The patient will have to learn how to eat healthy and follow a diet that is specific to those who have had this kind of procedure done. For the first few months after having this surgery, the patient will be restricted to having a liquid diet.

It is important to note that this kind of procedure is really only meant to be a last resort for those who have not been able to achieve their weight loss goals. This procedure will require following a diligent diet, and only a few ounces of food per meal. Thus, there is a very real possibility of vitamin deficiency.

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