Your Seven Most Important Assets

by James Delrojo - Date: 2007-05-05 - Word Count: 546 Share This!

The human being is the only life form on this planet that has the ability to take total control over its life, to choose a desired lifestyle, and then to create that lifestyle. For this reason we are the noble species and we achieve this nobility by tapping into seven human assets.


Your most important asset is your imagination. If you choose to you can use that imagination to create a mental picture of anything you desire and to program your mind to set about obtaining it for you.

Your imagination is the blueprint for your life. Those whose life is unfulfilling are people who use their imagination on unfulfilling, uninspiring endeavors. Those who achieve tremendous happiness and personal fulfillment in their life are those who fire up their imagination and let it loose to create magnificent possibilities.


Imagination allows you to see possibilities but it is passion that provides the emotional fuel required for you to do what it takes to actually create your goals in the real world.

Passion is the act of being fully involved in your life and fully present in the moment. When you are fueled by passion each moment you spend following that passion is its own reward. You are fully alive and experiencing humanity at its peak.


It takes time to achieve anything worthwhile and fortunately we each have the exact same 24 hours each day to apply in what ever pursuit we choose to apply it. How you choose to use your time is one of the most important decisions for you to make in your life.


Appreciation is the foundation stone of happiness. If you acquire the habit of appreciating the beauty around you, the good fortune in your life and the opportunities that this world offers each of us then you will be a happy person.

Appreciation is also the foundation for advancement. By appreciating what you have and what you are achieving you maintain the inspiration to go a little further and do a little more toward becoming all you really can be.


One of the truly great gifts of life is the opportunity to share it with someone you love. When you are in that loving environment everything around you seems more beautiful. You enjoy each and every day and life has a special meaning for you.


Purpose is another way to create meaning in your life. If you set yourself to pursuing a life long purpose that is challenging and fulfilling then you feel truly alive. A life purpose is what gets you up in the morning and keeps you enthusiastic throughout the days, weeks, months and years that constitute your life.


Goal directed action is the magic wand of this world. With it anything is made possible. The best way to defeat fear, sadness, unhappiness or any other negative emotion is to take goal directed action on a daily basis.

Action is the link between our inner world and the outer world. When you take goal directed action you are playing a valuable role in that outer world and that leads to rewards flowing back to you.

In Conclusion

These seven assets are assets that you already have now and assets that, if used well, can provide you with anything you want in life. For this reason I call them your seven most important assets.

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