The Marathon Story

by Jeff Woodruff - Date: 2006-12-01 - Word Count: 400 Share This!

On a sweltering hot day in mid June the Marathon story began. A midlife crisis, heat getting to me, no one knows for sure how it happened, but non-the-less it did. I looked in the mirror and with disgust said "it has to stop".

There I was, a pack a day smoker, a 6 pack a week drinker, out of shape, in poor health, and over weight. I am going to have a heart attack and soon if I don't quit treating my body this way. Beating myself up mentally and desiring to beat myself up physically it became time for change.

The Marathon idea didn't come right away. See at first it was hearing those words "your fat" that motivated me to start some sort of exercise. It was on a jog that it came to me. Reflecting upon my youth, when I wasn't 'fat', when I was attractive. I remembered the admiration that I had for athletes who would run those 26.2 miles. How I felt these individuals were the elite. When I was a boy I wanted to be that man. That man that crosses the finish line, arms raised in a V, smiling, victorious in achievement. These thoughts inspired the dream. The vision that a man, poor in health, over weight and out of shape, will complete a marathon. The decision was made on that afternoon, I was going to run a marathon.

Upon sharing this news with friends and family, the skepticism in their voice, expressions and laughter became a motivational tool. Everyone that I had come to know and love throughout my life had expressed their doubt in one form or another that I could achieve such a task. After all, completing a marathon was a very ambitious goal. Nonetheless, I had hopes that these people would have known me well enough to know I'd follow through with my commitments.

There I was Marathon bound and nothing to hold me back. Everything and Everyone I know was providing fuel, positive or negative, to train this mess into a running machine.

The Marathon story now enters its fifth month of training. Having completed the longest runs the training will offer and now tapering the training in preparation for the marathon clearly the vision is coming to fruition. Through the face of adversity, and skepticism I will run across that finish line, arms raised in a V, smiling, victorious in achievement.

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