Pets, Rescue Dogs Might Be the One to Save Your Life - Some Interesting Facts About the Life Of A Rescue

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Rescues dogs are very helpful in finding and rescuing people from various situations such as avalanches, floods or other natural/man-made calamities. Rescue dogs are as efficient as dozen men while performing an equivalent task. This is due to the fact that they have a commendable sense of smell which makes them scan the areas that are needed and they do not end up wasting time at other un-important areas. Before a rescue dog can be beneficial for actual rescue operations, they need to undergo rescue dog training to efficiently handle real-life scenarios.

Rescue dogs are chosen at young age and weeded out before they can actually undergo the elaborate training process. Certain breeds, including the blood-hound, German-Shepard and Labrador, for instance have the characteristics that are essential for the dog to become a good rescue dog. These include obedience, an urge to go that extra mile for the prey and a cool temperament. The dog cannot be trained for rescue dog training until he fulfills these criterions.

Rescue dog training can be divided into three levels. The first tier of training includes exercises that enable the dog to get out of his comfort zone. There might be times during the rescue operations that the dogs do not get proper dog beds for sleeping for days at a stretch, and they should be able to acclimatize to such situations. On the second tier, basic obedience training is given to the puppies. This might include basic obedience training wherein, the dog is made prone to distractions and desensitized to them in this way. Similarly, the dog is given training to bark on order and other training tactics are also employed. Dogs are also made to get accustomed to hand signals wherein, the dog is made to follow only hand signals in order to execute certain orders. Such training is essential in cases where the training is either carried out under a lot of external noise and the dog is unable to distinguish its master's voice commands from the external noise, or in the case when the search and rescue operations need to be carried out secretively without making a noise.

After perfecting these skills, the puppies, or the dogs, are trained in a manner that they recognize scent on the air as well as on the ground. The dog should be able to able to pick the given scent out of a number of possible trail scents that have been left by others along the ground or in the air. To make the dog expert in such situation, various distractions and other similar scents are provided along the trail while the dog is undergoing rescue dog training.

Finally, on the final level, the dog should be able to send signals and messages across to the master. The dog is taught the art of signaling to objects or clothing left behind by the person who is being rescued. This is an extremely important thing, especially in the event of a death or a murder because this is one of the prime ways for the investigators to collect evidences about the crime. David is the publisher of an exclusive onlinedog beds, shop which offers a huge variety of pet supplies for the prestigious dog. In addition, offers a variety of orthopedic dog beds and heated dog beds for older dogs as well as designer dog beds and unique dog beds for all breeds and sizes.

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