Digital Hearing Aids - What You Need To Know

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Digital hearing aids can help to combat depression in those who suffer from hearing loss. In fact, hearing aids have been voted among the top 25 innovations that have changed people's lives, according to CNN. It's no wonder that the hearing aid business has been expanding and will continue to do so as the baby boomer generation reaches geriatrics.

There are several manufacturers that are leaders in providing high quality hearing aids with uncompromising service. They are always launching new products that incorporate new technology.

Digital hearing aids combine the ability to amplify sound with technology that allows advanced features. Digital processors use filters to clean up the sound and therefore provide the best quality sound available. Digital hearing aids come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit every medical need and budget.

Here are some of the best digital hearing aid offerings from the top three hearing aid manufacturers.

Siemens Digital Hearing Aids

Siemens has a large variety of digital hearing aids available in many sizes to accommodate everyone. They have digital hearing aids for children as well as adults.

Cielo and Artis models offer value digital features for the budget-minded. These models have digital noise reduction and phase cancellation that actually helps get rid of unwanted feedback that causes whistling.

The Intuis and Phoenix models are intermediate priced models. They offer additional features such as advanced computer assist technology and automatic hands-free volume adjustment.

The Ultimate technology line includes the Acuris and Centra models. The Centra features sound smoothing technology and offers the most advanced adaptive feedback cancellation to eliminate whistling.

Beltone Digital Hearing Aids

The Beltone Arca is a low priced digital hearing aid. It has a manual volume control, Telecoil, to help you hear conversations better and a Dual-Program Switch that allows you to easily switch between hearing programs.

The moderately priced Beltone Access and Mira models have 6 channels to better imitate the way the human ear hears sounds. They also have other additional features such as speech pattern detection and feedback management to better reduce unwanted sounds.

The Advantage Beltone models are the Linq and Edge. The Edge is a very popular model. It combines many new features including wind noise suppression and offers a convenient rechargeable battery.

The top of the line Beltone One! and Corus models add even more available features such as the ability to hear conversations better, even in noisy situations. Rapid Wide Dynamic Range Compression is an advanced feature that ensures that all sound will be natural.

Starkey Digital Hearing Aids

The Starkey Mesa and Cierra models are affordable digital hearing aids that offer basic features and several channels. The Cierra has frequency shaping that allows the instrument to be fully programmed by the hearing professional for optimal hearing.

The Destiny comes in several models starting with an entry-level model. It uses technology called nFusion using nanoscience to automatically process sounds. It has feedback erasure and automatic switching that instantly recognizes incoming signals.

The DaVinci Precision Extreme Power (PxP) provides extremely clear digital amplification along with noise management and feedback cancellation. It is the more powerful behind the ear hearing aid available.

Whether you are a first time hearing aid user or are looking to upgrade your current hearing aid, digital technology is an affordable solution for all your hearing aid needs. An audiologist can help you determine your specific needs and suggest the right hearing aid for you.

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