Earn More by Working Less- 7 Simple Steps To A Better Life

by Jan Verhoeff - Date: 2007-03-08 - Word Count: 687 Share This!

Have you ever wished there were more hours in your day, so you could get it all done? Why not manage those hours you do have better?

A few years back, there was a trend among women to try to do it all, have it all, and be all to everyone. It didn't work. Women soon realized that they couldn't accomplish everything in life, alone. They needed help.

As they learned this, they began to streamline their lives, focus on one thing at a time, and actually began to achieve more. Why? Because when you try to juggle too many balls, you drop them.

They key is - you can have it all, but you can't do it all.

Here are 7 simple steps to getting everything you want from life:

#1 - Time Management

Stop wasting time on frivolous needs of others. Phone calls, folks stopping by randomly, random emails, and other time eaters cut into the time you have to accomplish your goals and dreams. Stop pacifying others by wasting your time.

Learn to establish the point of the visit and either respond or defer.

#2 - Plan your Work: Work your Plan

Take time to schedule your work for the next 90 days, set goals, determine projects, and put your plan on paper. Schedule weekly activities and break down your weekly goals. Each week, schedule out your days and then each day, take 5 minutes to schedule the next day.

Keep a 'To Do List' one that is running - a spiral notebook works great for this, as you complete an item mark it off. If an item no longer matters, mark it off.

Keep a daily 'To Do List' and schedule each activity into your day.

#3 - Take a Day off

Work one less day a week. Or actually do NOT work one day a week. When you work from home you're tempted to get on the computer and check email, or do some minor working chore on your 'day off'. Don't do that! Take a day off and don't even think about work. Don't take phone calls, don't answer email, and above all Don't think about work on that day.

Enjoy your day off. Play, take a bath, enjoy your family, kick back and watch movies all day, do something you would ordinarily NOT do in your work-a-day world and enjoy the day.

#4 - Focus on your Strengths

Do what you do well and leave the rest to someone else. Delegate those tasks you'd rather not do to others and focus on what you do well.

IF you like to write, hate to file; hire a file clerk. Whatever it is you don't like to do, or are not good at; don't do it.

Do what you do well, and do it to the best of your ability.

#5 - Charge Appropriately

Eliminate the time consuming problems of business by charging for your work, and charge enough. NEVER apologize for charging an equitable price for your work. You're an expert, and experts get paid very well.

Charge what your work is worth and expect to be paid well.

#6 - Hire Help

Stop being a one man show. Hire someone to keep up with the menial tasks of running and operating your business. A Virtual Assistant may be all you need to take the edge off your business. In as little as an hour a week, most Virtual Assistants can do your email, letter writing, bill paying, or other vital task to your business operation, but it's one task you don't have to do.

Again - focus on your strengths.

#7 - Consider a coach or mentor

If you struggle with change and can't quite get into a new routine that makes your business successful, hire a coach. Find a mentor who can direct you and take your business to the higher levels of success where you want to be.

The most important process of building a business is to diversify your income. Focus your business within a niche market to reach the most people and then diversify within your niche to cover as many bases as you can, then learn to delegate those jobs that are outside your personal range, and do what you do best.

Above all - enjoy life, that's what life is all about. JOY!

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Jan Verhoeff is a work from home mom who home schools her children and enjoys life. She has learned to diversify and delegate the hard way. By trying to do too much first. Diversification only works when you learn to delegate the stuff you don't do well. Visit http://brandyourmarket.com and sign up for your FREE Subscription to The Branding Iron.

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