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Private air charter was once thought of as being in the realms of the rich and famous. Only very wealthy individuals could afford to book their own aircraft and fly around the world, right? Wrong, private air charter is increasingly becoming something that more and more people can afford. For a special occasion such as a wedding abroad, or for a group of friends wanting to attend a sporting event, private air charter might just be the lynchpin to a fantastic experience.

Here Jane, a seasoned traveller, tells us about her experience of private air charter and how she has now converted to this form of travel for those special occasions that she wants to celebrate in style.

I remember seeing V-One advertised in some lifestyle magazines and thought how cool it would be to do something like that myself. I thought that this kind of VIP luxury air travel was completely out of reach for the likes of me. I was really surprised when I contacted V-One as it isn't as expensive as I thought! Whatever the occasion, I can really recommend chartering your own airplane, especially if you want a pure luxury experience.

The first trip I did was from Glasgow down to Cornwall in May of last year. It was my boyfriend's 30th birthday and he was always telling me how much he wanted to go to Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant in Padstow. So as a present, I organised a jet to collect us and two friends from Glasgow Airport and fly us down there. The flight was only an hour - which meant we had the whole day in Padstow, and time for an amazing dinner at the restaurant in the evening. We flew back the next day. My boyfriend was absolutely speechless and really loved every minute.

The other great flight was my best friend, Kate's, hen party in Spain. She'd heard me going on about the Cornwall trip and how easy it was to arrange and asked me to look into hiring an aircraft to fly us all to Barcelona. There were eight of us to share the cost so it wasn't too expensive either. A really stylish looking Lear jet took us out on the Friday afternoon for a two- night trip. The icing on the cake was when I asked the guys at V-One to arrange for a car to get us from the VIP terminal at the airport to our hotel - and they set up two black Range Rovers to collect us!

When I was surfing the web checking out all the options for the trips, V-One were the only company who looked like they could offer the personal level of service I wanted. Until I'd spoken to them, I thought that hiring my own aircraft was a luxury only the rich and famous could afford - but now I know different. V-One can get you any type of aircraft you can think of and fly you anywhere in the world. It's all so easy, there are no check-ins or queuing for your baggage - you just turn up and fly!


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