Get Courage and Build Unstoppable Strength!

by Sean Klonaris - Date: 2007-01-23 - Word Count: 457 Share This!

What shape are your courage muscles in? Courage is our ability to act despite fear. What honestly can you say you do when you face fear? Do you freeze up or take action? If you freeze up it is because your emotional muscles are weak. Your courage muscle is not a physical muscle but it functions in very much the same way. The more you exercise your courage muscles and the more you put yourself through discomfort, the more gains or results that you will see. People with big huge courageous muscles are unstoppable because they are conditioned to automatically go after what they want despite the difficult situation.

The fact is your courage muscle is either currently strong or weak. You build strong courage muscles by knowing at any given moment in time you have a choice. Your choice is whether to play it safe and do what is comfortable or do what is more difficult which will build your muscles. You are deciding whether you will work out or just chill out. It is simple. If you want to see big results in the next six months and become a more courageous person, you will need to take the difficult route purposely to rip your muscle and gain strength.

An example of choosing a harder route would be if you were to ask out a person on a date. You could just go up that person and ask if he/she would be interested in possibly going out (that would be playing it relatively safe) or you could go all out and ask him/her to go see "Saw III" (your favorite movie) and go to Chili's (your favorite restaurant) and tell him/her how much you like them. This second bold choice would be more difficult to do but well worth it because you are working your muscles to the max. Know that people respect boldness in people.

The more and more you choose difficult situations and challenge you will feel your courage muscles get bigger and bigger everyday. Pretty soon you will be a huge tough emotionally muscular person that can handle anything. It is simply up to how much time you spend working out. How cool is it that you can be a huge "courage" bodybuilder if you want to? There are no limits to how far you can go.

You won't see what you are missing until you actually start using your courage muscle. Know that on the other side of fear is power and freedom.You can see a person with big courage muscles a mile away. So will you remain a hostage of your fear forever by being comfortable? Know that by choosing to do more difficult things you will be gaining the courage to face anything.

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