How to Build Good Client Relationships and Really Mean It (Part 2)

by Jonna Ajeda - Date: 2006-12-09 - Word Count: 440 Share This!

Advertising is an excellent way to reach all of your clients. Free classified sites abound in the Internet, and you simply place your ad and watch them walk through the door. This strategy will work extremely well and you may find you get calls from clients from four, five, and six years ago whenever they are in need of your services. Clients appreciate knowing they can come back whenever they choose.

Ask for feedback and input. At some intervals within the working relationship, solicit feedback and input. Ask your clients how they feel about your business, employees, and services. Why not tell them you advertise on and ask if they have suggestion on how your working relationship or merchandise can be improved. Asking for their ideas shows that you care about their opinions and value their contributions.

Share resources. Do you know of a good book that your client might benefit from reading? Tell them about it. Do you have the name of someone who could help your client if you do not supply the products required. Tell them about other small businesses or free classifieds resources and even informative websites that may assist them perhaps. Sharing resources is a terrific way to build loyalty and satisfaction.

Reward them for staying on with you as loyal clients. You might consider implementing some kind of loyalty or benefits program, where your long-term clients are rewarded for steadfastness. You might offer them gifts, products, or services for a certain level of ongoing participation with your business.

Concentrate on gaining new knowledge, new skills, and new experiences, the more you have to offer your clients the more both of you will benefit.

Above all, have fun. It's easy to be caught up in goals, outcomes, daily quotas, free classified ads responses, etc; all of these are vitally important, and clients do want results. But in addition, clients want to be with people who enjoy what they do while 'delivering the goods'. The more fun you have while providing strong outcomes, the longer your clients will stay. Implement these tips, and you too, will have a business that continues to grow steadily and thrive into the future.

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