What We Should Eat. Before

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Q Eating a meal before or after we've done exercise, which one is better for our heath?
A Both of them have differently advantage.

If you eat before you're doing exercise, it helps you to get energy and to be active, because of the level of sugar in your blood is upping. However, you should leave out of time between your eating and doing exercise depending on your potential body. Some people get cramp and feel pressure when they eat a meal and immediately do exercise, but for other people, they might not get anything.

A research reports that a cyclist who eats carbohydrate 45 grams (giving energy 180 cal) before cycling 5 minutes, He can do exercise powerfully more than common in lasted 15 minutes, which it compares to a person who don't get any meal. So that, before an hour you do exercise, you should get carbohydrate which give energy about 200-300 cal such as banana, cereal, whole meal, bread or wheat cracker.

After you've done exercise, you should get supper which has high carbohydrate and a little bit of protein such as cereal with milk or yogurt. In reason of protein will help decreasing your painful muscle, and recover it as well. Besides, if you immediately eat after your exercise, it will help you only eating less than your regularity. This is a good kind of diet process for your health as well.

Q How to we breathe in a while we are doing exercise of Cardio style?
A. The breathing in Cardio style, it is similar as your common breathing. It happens when we get fatigued or need some oxygen to use to be energy while we're doing exercise. The frequency of breathing will automatically be improved follow by our exhaustion.

For breathing while we are lifting dumbbell, we will breathe in when we start and breathe out when we lift dumbbell. We have to control our breathing follow by our motion and not to stop breathing beat while we are doing exercise, because it will make a impact on your blood pressure.

* The exercise of Cardio style is a kind of exercise by running, swimming, cycling and etc. It efficiently helps our heart and lung to be healthy.

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