Use Your Email IDs Wisely to Make Money Online

by Don James - Date: 2008-06-18 - Word Count: 501 Share This!

Many people like to jump into their online business quickly without thinking through the steps of how they're going to move forward to promote their sites. You are probably more than excited to start building your websites or blogs. However, if you are going to make money online then the first thing you should do is get your email IDs in order. These IDs will become the main contact point for all of the online services you will be using to build, measure and promote your sites.

Basically there are two types of online IDs you'll want to create to differentiate your work. One specially tuned to your core online idea and another generalized for all of your online businesses past and future. This is important because certain traffic generation ideas will rely on specific email IDs from your key business concept.

One common mistake of beginning online marketers is to use their common home or business email as the single contact for many different endeavors. This can work against you in the long run especially if you have a wide variety of online businesses.

For example, let's say your own company is called ZY Productions and your main email is contact-at-zyproductions-dot-com. However, you're now building a travel photo site called eztravelpics-dot-com. You are going to find that many of the promotional tools and techniques are going to rely on the core business idea email address (in this example case, travel photography) - something you'll want to differentiate from your parent business. When answering questions, using comments in blogs, submitting articles it is best to use an email account that is tied directly to the site (such as yourname-at-eztravelpics-dot-com or contact-at-eztravelpics-dot-com). However, when using general tools like Google Adsense or site analyzers you would use your top business ID (in this case contact-at-zyproductions-dot-com) as the managing email ID.

Another example is two vastly different sites (say, travel photos and yoga). This is a case where you would want contact emails that are differentiating to the core business idea if you are writing articles, responding to blogs, creating groups, using Web 2.0 community sites, etc. because these are going to be focused specifically on the marketing topic. If you mix these you're going to have a main id in both or a specific id crossing marketing boundaries (in this example - yoga id promoting travel photo ideas or vice versa).

Be sure to do the following when you get started - create your main business email ID - for example, something like mine - don-at-agilemarketer-dot-com. Next, create email IDs for your online business ideas - two example marketing projects (travel photography and yoga) - don-at-eztravelpics-dot-com and don-at-yogasutra-dot-com. Use your main id for managing and your sites and your business IDs for promoting them. If you happen to have a free Blogger blog instead then create a marketing email using one of the free services such as gmail, yahoo mail or hotmail - for example, eztravelpics-at-yahoo-dot-com or yogasutra-at-yahoo-dot-com.

No matter how you organize your IDs separating promotion from managing will help you in the long run.

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