Tray Teeth Whitening - Few Issues

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Tray teeth whitening is a tooth bleaching treatment which can be done at home under your dentist's custody. It is completely safe and effective. The treatment is more convenient and effective if the person wear the tray at night. But if the person does not like to wear the tray at night, then the treatment is possible during daytime.

You are also advised to refresh your whitening gel periodically when the treatment is done for an extended period by removing the bleaching tray and adding more gel. Variation in results is experienced in different cases. To get best possible result you just have to discuss with the dentist about the application method.

One major problem of daytime bleaching treatments is that if you use this for less than two hours then the whitener can get wasted. It will also increase the total number of the tray whitening treatments that are required to get actual results. If you extend your application period up to four hours or more it will produce effective results.

You should follow up with your dentist to evaluate the achievement of the treatment on the change of shade on your teeth. The bleaching tray teeth whitening treatment should be continued till you and your dentist become satisfied about the change in shade. This should be continued till the point when the whitening effect is complete. After the assessment of the progress in whitening, your dentist decides whether additional gel should be dispensed to you or not.

Besides, the dentist will ask you whether you have suffered any kind of side effect during the treatment. In case of any sensitivity to the products used or any problem in the process, they re-examine the ways to manage and minimize them. It does not mean that will you have to wait till the next visit to consult your dentist. If you are suffering from any kind of side effects you should feel free to consult your dentist any time.

When the at home tray teeth whitening treatment produces a convenient and satisfying tooth shade and when the whitening process seems to be totally complete, the dentist will recommend to stop the treatment. After your teeth shade is fully stabilized your dentist will replace the existing dental work so that if there are any restoration work can then that matches the new shade of your teeth.

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