Commercial Ice Machines: High Production Units

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Quality ice machines are essential to any food service operation. But with the huge variety of choices on the market, it can be tough to pin down the exact specifications you're looking for. When shopping for new ice machines, we suggest adding 20% to your current usage estimates to decide on production quantity. Purchase a unit that produces higher output than you think you'll need today, because the kitchen should be viewed as the backbone of your growing business. You will depend on restaurant equipment through all stages, present and future, so be sure to select high-quality, high production ice machines.

One favorite is the Manitowoc S-Series ice machines, which produces 450 pounds of dice-sized, cube-style ice in 24 hours- that's nearly a quarter-ton of ice! This model is featured as an Editor's Choice by Foodservice Equipment Supplies, a major industry media source based in Chicago. The SD-0452A is one of the Manitowoc S-Series ice machines, the series that set an industry standard for sanitation, conservation and serviceability using the most innovative technology. The hard texture of whole cubes is perfect for mixed drinks, sodas, salad bars and self-serve ice dispensing in your restaurant.

Depending on the nature of your food service operation, you may require one of the extremely high production ice machines. These workhorses can produce over a thousand pounds of ice per cycle, making them ideal for high-volume kitchens in large institutions such as hospitals, university dining halls and retirement homes. Consider the Scotsman Ice Machine N1322A-21A, which produces nugget-style ice at 1,180 pounds in 24 hours.

This Scotsman ice machine water and electrical usage costs are lower over a lifetime than other models, due in part to the efficiency of producing (much, much) more with standard resources. Nugget ice features a softer, chewier texture while still providing maximum drink cooling. Because this type of ice will melt and stick together in the dispenser, be sure to purchase an agitator kit in tandem with this model. A similarly beastly alternative would be the Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-1404A, which produces 1,160 pounds of half-dice cubes in the same time frame.

Keep in mind that your ice usage needs will vary seasonally, as demand for iced beverages will increase during warmer months. Be sure to account for this when buying ice machines by choosing a high production model that is large enough to handle this peak usage. Also be aware that the industry is turning to air-cooled ice machines, as they are more environmentally friendly and have lower upfront and operating costs. Hopefully you are feeling prepared to make your big ice machines purchase!

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