Ancient History Of Spain

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If you will be spending a fair amount of time visiting or living in the country, you will want to have some knowledge of the history of Spain. Knowledge of a country's history is important in understanding the current state of affairs and culture of its citizens.

A variety of groups have influenced the country at different times in history. Romans, Moors and many others have called the Iberian Peninsula home. Understanding the history of the region can help you enjoy travelling to Spain. You can see the influence of various groups in the castles, fortresses and churches throughout the country. In some buildings, you can see the influence of several styles.

Spain was once the most powerful nation in Europe. Wars and fighting over the years led to a period of decline and dictatorship in the country. In recent decades, changes in political power and the rise of tourism have helped turn around the economy. Spain is once again one of the strongest nations in the world in terms of politics and economy.

Ancient History of Spain

Most of the area that is now Spain was under the rule of the Roman Empire, as were most areas of the ancient world. After the decline of the Roman empire, the Moors inhabited most of the area. There are still many castles and fortifications that were built by the Moors in cities around the country.

The Muslim influence was present through the year 1000. From that time until the fourteenth century, there were revolts, wars and Christian raids. The Christian and Muslim groups were fighting continuously.

In the fifteenth century, the country saw the unification of the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon under Ferdinand and Isabella. The country became unified politically, religiously and economically. Catholicism was the state religion and Muslims were expelled, if they didn't convert.

Under Ferdinand and Isabella, Columbus discovered the New World. Large quantities of gold and silver were found and Spain became one of the most powerful nations on Earth. The Hapsburgs ruled throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The Bourbons ruled in the eighteenth century.

Modern History of Spain

The Spanish Civil war raged in the late 1930s. The left wing and right wing groups fought for power. The war ended with the Nationalists taking power under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco. He ruled until his death in 1975.

During the years of war, the country went into a decline in both wealth and status. During the 1960s and 1970s, the country regained economic strength. A variety of industries, including tourism helped improve the economy.

Upon the death of Franco, Prince Juan Carlos became king. He continues to rule today. Juan Carlos made some important political changes, taking the country from a dictatorship to a democracy. He is credited for helping turn the country from decline to one of the most economically and politically strong nations in Europe.

Spain is enjoying stability at this time. The country is divided into seventeen regions. Each is unique, both culturally and geographically. These differences can be seen in language, culture and the lifestyle of people in each region. As you spend time travelling throughout the country, you will see and experience these differences.

In addition, the climate is different from region to region. This offers a variety of options for living and travelling. Tourists can enjoy skiing, beaches, mountain climbing, hiking, bull fighting and diving. Plan your vacation according to what each area has to offer. Whatever you are looking for, this country has to offer at different times of the year in different areas.

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