Get Your Vision Back: 5 Effective Exercises For Training Muscles In Your Eyes

by Yulia Berry - Date: 2006-12-17 - Word Count: 411 Share This!

You can save your vision and even improve it with special exercises because you can train any part of your body where you have muscles (and there are muscles in your eyes). Try these 5 effective exercises:

Warming your eyes with your hands: close your eyes and put your hands on them without touching the eyes themselves. Focus and feel the warmth coming from the center of your hands to your eyes. Direct the warmth to your eyes for 60 seconds.

Rolling your eyes: close your eyes and roll them slowly in this order: up, right, down, left , then in the opposite direction. Repeat each direction 5-10 times. Then slightly massage your lids with your fingertips. Then open your eyes and blink a few times very fast.

Horizontal eye movements: hold your left arm in front of you and focus your eyes on the nail of the middle finger. Move your arm to the left (your left shoulder and your left arm should be on a straight line) and at the same time follow your arm with your eyes without turning your head.Then move your left arm back to the right. Follow it with your eyes. Repeat the same exercise with your right arm. Do it slowly, 5 times with each arm.

Focusing your eyes on your hand: hold your right arm in front of you and focus your eyes on the nail of your middle finger. Move your hand slowly close to your nose, then slowly move it away. Follow the nail of your middle finger with your eyes all the time. Repeat the same exercise with your left arm. Do it 10-15 times.

This exercise will help if you are losing your eyesight, have tired eyes, or want better blood circulation in your eyes. Also it will stimulate your eye function. Prepare 1 full glass of very warm water and 1 full glass of cold water. Take the glass with hot water and try to dip your eye in the water, open it and make movements with your eye and your lid. Do it for 5-10 sec. Then repeat the same exercise for the same eye in the cold water.Then do the same exercises in the same order with your other eye. You can repeat these exercises a few times with each eye but always finish with cold water. Also every day try to increase the time of each exercise. In 1-2 months you should do it up to 5 min for each eye.

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