How to Win Back Your Ex When Everything Seems Impossible - Abcs

by Karuna Han - Date: 2008-10-13 - Word Count: 577 Share This!

Losing your girlfriend can be EMOTIONALLY difficult and painful but you CAN win her back -- No matter how hopeless or impossible you think your situation is, it can be DONE! The question is: Do you really want to do so?

Let's Do a Mini Test to find out. Which of the following situations best describes you?

(A) Everything seems fine in your relationship, suddenly she is gone. Thoughts of "where did I go wrong?" keep playing in your head.

(B) You are feeling regretful that you have not treated her well. If only you can be given one more chance to do so.

(C) You still miss your girlfriend and you are feeling frustrated how to win her back.

(D) You have just ended your relationship and you finally realised that your ex-girlfriend is still the best. You are thinking how to create a breakthrough with her and fall in love all over again.

(E) You're now in a cold-war with your girlfriend and you feel that a break-up is brewing and coming your way.

(F) You resent the unresolved conflict between you and your ex-girlfriend and you just do not understand what went wrong between you and her.

(G) You just sense that something is not right but just cannot pinpoint what is the problem between you and your girlfriend.

So which of the 7 Alphabets do you belong to? If you think you are in any of the situations above, you are not alone. Chances that you are feeling what you are feeling now is due to a build-up process over time and issues were not properly resolved then.

Just like a volcanic eruption, the pressure builds up so great that the relationship finally gives way. It's really not your fault in a sense as we are in one way or another reinforcing a wrong communication pattern all along.

First of all, even before we talk about winning her back. Let's re-learn the basics again to allow us to feel better first since we are already radiating a lot of negative energy to begin with.

The first step is to calm yourself down and follow the ABCs to regain the positivity and energy.

#Rule 1: Follow the A-B-Cs
"A" is for Acknowledge: Do acknowledge and accept that there are indeed issues which has remained unresolved for a long time to come. It is definitely not an overnight thing which causes you to experience what you are going through right now. Once you accept it, it's easier to work on the next step.

"B" is for Be Yourself: Remember the first time which your girlfriend loves you for who you are? The negativity which you are going through right now puts everyone at a distance. Be who you are and allow things to settle by not tormenting yourself over what nasty exchanges you have had with your girlfriend.

"C" is for Courage: If you know you are in the wrong for something which you should not have done, have the courage to seek forgiveness from your girlfriend. Call her and tell her that you are truly sorry for the damage you have done to her. By seeking forgiveness, it gives you back more positive energy to win your girlfriend back. Try calling and be sure it is easier than you expected!

Let's recap on the ABCs - 1)Take Responsibility of the situation and Acknowledge, 2) Be Yourself and 3)Be Courageous. We are now to the next step.

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Karuna Han is an indvidual who looks at the best in people and believes that each individual is unique and special.

"Be the Change you want to see in this World." -Mahatma Gandhi

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