Getting A Testimonial From Your Real Estate Clients

by Teri B Clark - Date: 2007-04-05 - Word Count: 311 Share This!

Make getting testimonial letters from satisfied clients your number one priority. In fact, before you start a job, tell your new client that your intention is to do such a great job that they will happily write a testimonial letter once the job is done. The problem can be twofold:

1. Once they are through with your services, they are really through with them. You are no longer on their mind. This is not because they didn't appreciate your services, but because their life is going on. You aren't even on the back burner, let alone the stove!

2. They write a letter but it doesn't really convey what you want it to convey. Usually, it is too general. XYZ did a great job. We really appreciate their work. Thank you. A good testimonial letter will use more descriptive words and actually state some of the benefits of working with you! Otherwise, they all end up sounding the same.You want a testimonial to talk about the results. Increased dollar amount, gave me the home I've always wanted, etc. You want them to talk about the bottom line.

There are two ways to get the kind of testimonial you need. One way is to get some PR/marketing person to talk with your client and then draft a testimonial letter based on their comments. Or, listen carefully to what they say and write up a testimonial. Either way, show it to them and ask them and have them sign it with their permission for you to use it on your advertising materials. Most clients are more than happy to help.

You can also listen to the interview by clicking on this link:So, no matter which way you go, be sure to get a testimonial from each client. If you wait for them to give you one without prompting, you will be left with very little to show perspective clients!

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