The 7 Deadly Sins Are A Copywriter's Best Friend

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You have decided to launch your new marketing campaign. You have identified your target market and decided which product you want to promote. You are sat down in front of your PC with a blank screen in front of you. So where do you start?

Ask yourself what is your reader interested in? Let me give you a clue; THEMSELVES.

You must write about your product from your readers' point of view. Don't waste precious space telling them what it is: tell them what it does for them. In other words tell them how your product will make their life easier, more rewarding or complete.

I guess you are wondering where the 7 deadly sins come into all of this. They are the keys to tapping into your prospective customer's emotional desires.

Pride - You can simply make your reader believe you by flattering them. They are important; they have huge amounts of experience and savvy. Make the suggestion that someone with as much talent for making the right decision as they have really ought to be signing up for/buying your suggestion, and they will.

Envy - Tell them people out there already have it and are benefiting hugely from it. They'll hate to think they are missing out.

Gluttony - People will always want more of something. Be it for taste, comfort, sensation or solace. If you can convince them they will feel contented when they 'consume' it you are onto a winner.

Lust - OK, this could be a bit tricky. Try and convince them that this product will satisfy their craving and they'll snap your hand off. You will also deserve an Oscar especially if you are selling something like carpet cleaner.

Anger - People get angry all the time. The last time I was it was over my mobile phone's pathetic battery life (which I may add has not yet been resolved). Give your readers a way out of their present frustrations and they will thank you heartily for it.

Greed - This is a major motivator. People always want more of what they already have so promise more and they'll be faster out of the trap than a greyhound.

Sloth - Yes, we are all inherently lazy. So if your product can save them time and effort they will gladly open their wallets.

Remember, people will try to rationalise their buying decision so all you have to do is provide sufficient objective reasons why buying your product is a sensible thing to do. But people will always buy on an emotional basis first so make sure your pitch presses one of the deadly sins buttons and you'll be on to a winner.

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