Benefits Of Tig Welding Machines - The Leading Special Welding Machines

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The TIG welding process allows a welder exacts controls which result in a clean weld blob. TIG welding machines are frequently used to weld stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, chrome and other alloys.

The acronym TIG stands for tungsten inert gas; though, the official name for the progression is GTAW. A type of arc welding, TIG uses a tungsten electrode held in a TIG torch. Shielding gases flow from around the tip of the torch to stop weld corrosion. The tungsten electrode is not consumed by the weld; it simply serves as a means of directing the arc. A separate filler rod adds metal to the weld. The welder uses one hand to hold the TIG torch, one hand to hold the filler rod and a foot control to operate the heat input to the weld.

Most stick welding machines can be converted into TIG machines through the addition of an air cooled TIG torch, TIG machines provide additional features that allow for wider welding applications. High frequency start features produce an arc without a physical strike. Preflow and post flow a characteristic start the stream of shielding gas before and extends it after the actual welding. Particular frequency settings manage the welding arc for welding different types of metal, including aluminum.

Operated By Only Whoever Is Skilled Welder

A TIG welder can weld any type of metal. Specialized welders are required for TIG purpose because skill required is high. TIG welds are of the highest quality when compared to stick welders. Stick welders can weld steel where medium skill is required. Stick welding is used for rugged outside conditions and repair shops. TIG welders are used in more refined conditions and applications.

TIG welders require less current and pleasing weld appearance. A tungsten electrode is used to carry the arc from the torch to the work piece. Filler metals require separate electrode that is fed manually. The gas is used for shielding.

Most of the packages have work cable, clamp, input power cord, TIG torch, gas regulator with hose and foot control. Shielding gas is also required but it is sold independently. For safety purpose, individual protective gear, especially gloves, shields and eyeglasses should be worn to shield the welder.

It Will Let You Get Extraordinary Benefits

TIG welding machines produce high quality welds through precise control of the heat input through a foot petal feature. Smaller amounts of filler metal is added to the weld puddle, creating vary little spattering or sparking. The welding process does not generate slag, saving the welder from having to remove slag among weld passes. TIG allows welders to produce welds in a variety of positions: flat, straight up and overhead.

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