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In offices, chairs are everywhere. Executive office chairs, 24 hour task chairs, mesh office chair, ergonomic office chairs, guest chairs, drafting chairs, big and small office chairs etc. It's like wherever you look its chairs, chairs and more chairs. For an uneducated villager, the office would seem as a beautiful chair boutique. But this is not the case; all these chairs serve different purposes in an office. Let's have a detailed look on all the different types of office chairs
Executive office chairs features comfort, quality and style. They have high backs, mid back swivel and leather pin cushion padding. Mostly used by lawyers, managers, CEO, president, boss etc. These chairs have an aura of authority giving your job title a professional and solid look.?br />
24 hour task chair, also known as multi-shift task chair is ideal when working more than one shift. These chairs are strong, durable and come with lots of adjustments to suit different workers, working day and night. These are ideal for offices like call centers, police stations, hospitals and other 24 hour operating organizations.?br />
Mesh office chairs are so designed to provide ventilation and comfort during extended meetings in hot season. It consists of mesh back and mesh bottom seat that fits most people. These chairs come in many styles and prices and can even be tailor made to suit you.
Ergonomic chairs are designed to give maximum support to adjust into an ergonomic posture. They come with advanced adjustments like lever for altering backrest, armrest and chair height, tilt mechanism, seat bottom adjustments like sloping or waterfall edge etc when sitting for long periods. Doctors recommend these chairs to be used in back, arm, neck or leg pain.
These chairs are made from leather, fabric, wood or mesh with low back and proper arm rest. Mostly used in reception area, waiting room and conference room to accommodate guests during meetings. They are stylish and provide comfortability for short durations.
Drafting chairs give excellent seating arrangement for architects and artists. These chairs have levers to raise the chair height in accordance with elevated standing desk. They come with a foot rest to support your legs when sitting in raised position.?br />
These chairs are specifically designed to suit people who are physically different. People who are tall and overweight go for oversized office chairs to obtain maximum comfortability. Whereas exceptionally short heighted people use small chairs ideal for their trunk to shoulder ratio.
All the above mentioned chairs have common feature of comfortability. They are all designed to prevent any physical injury due to excessive seating hours thus enabling high productivity and less strain. I hope, after going through this article, you can easily choose chairs that suits your office needs.

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