Kill Mold in Bathroom

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You were on a vacation and your house was locked for a couple of days. And you get the musty odor as soon as you enter inside the bathroom! Perhaps molds and mildews have nested in your absence.

You should be very careful when you are going to stay away from home for a long time. Places like bathroom, kitchen or basement can catch molds. Why? Just go through the common reasons of mold infestation and you would get the answer:

1. Poor ventilation
2. Poor lighting
3. Warm weather
4. Damp
5. Humid environment

Now think why your bathroom can get moldy when you keep it locked for long due to some reason or the other! A closed or locked bathroom has all the conditions for mold growth. And if you fail to detect them timely, the problem takes bigger shape.

Molds not only fill the area with a musty odor, but leaves ugly stains on the surfaces they grow on. Wood, paper, concrete walls, bathtub, shower curtain, window sidings and blinds and other items of your bathroom can get infected easily.

Molds can grow in bathrooms that are in regular use.

Even when you are present at home, molds can easily grab a position inside your bathroom. Being a small area it is quite easy for them to take a hold on bathrooms. Moreover, the place is humid, hot, less-ventilated and not well-lit.

The problem is bathroom molds grow out of control very fast because you cannot remove the source of water.

How to kill mold in bathroom:

However, nothing is impossible under the sun and you can definitely win the battle with those small microscopic organisms. Here are few tips that would help you control bathroom molds.

-> Keep the place dry

That should be the first point in your mold cleaning regimen. Steam and regular use of water make bathrooms humid and damp. It is difficult to make the place dry. Use a fan; this is an easy way to dry off bathrooms. You can also use portable dehumidifier.

Now, when you are leaving house for a couple of days, you can keep a small window open so that air can flow in and out. However, make sure keeping the bathroom window open is not risky from any other perspective!

-> Switch on the lights

Molds prefer dark places. So keep the lights on at least when the floors are moist and reduce mold growth.

Though the time is for energy saving, turn a low-powered light on in your bathrooms when you are out for long.

-> Take special care of bathtub, shower curtain and surrounding walls

Bathtub is very much likely to catch molds and mildews. It gets wet and sustains moisture; and the buildup of organic materials makes the surface heaven for molds and mildews.

Hence, apart from making it dry, you need to clean bathtub, bathroom floors, shower curtains and the surrounding walls frequently.

You can use natural mold cleaning products and organic mold removers to clean bathroom floors. These products are quite easy to use. They not only kill mold, but stops further mold growth and removes the musty odor as well. Organic black mold cleaners are free from side effects.

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