How paying a traffic citation in Chicago is going to cost you

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Just when you think we've finally reached a new level in our lives by owning a personal computer as we would a television set we now expect our local and county governments to also include themselves by using technology more in order to provide the services we expect from them to be much more easier.

However, this is not the case. Here's why. I submitted a traffic citation to the Chicago traffic revenue department and had to wait for one month to get it to clear. I had placed calls to the department and most of them were on the re-dial button several times per day just to get through. Finally, when I did get through, I was either re-directed or told that it hasn't been ‘pulled' yet.

What does it mean to be ‘pulled'? It means that your traffic citation can be in a stack of mail that has yet to be opened and viewed and eventually processed. So, why the long wait? After some initial investigating there seems to be an unhappy mood in the traffic citation bureau for several reasons but two of them noticeable and talked about the most.

First, they use temporary employees to process the traffic citations and tickets and the full-time employees who are union members do not like this. They don't like to be controlled by those who are not union and they don't like it that they too can be let go and forced to go temporary and the possible fact that the city will eventually be retiring the union member employees and will only use employees that are hired through work agencies. So, the work level has gone down, the effort to get things done is taking a lot of time and is causing the entire department to look bad.

Their idea is because of the temporary employee the entire department is failing and that is why they need to have union full-time employees in place to make sure it is run properly. So, in the meantime, your traffic citation, parking ticket and red light violations will have to wait even more when you send it in.

One company that has been around for over ten years and has been processing traffic citations and tickets for well over 3 million times is They will accept all major credit cards, not just the two main credit cards most agencies only accept, they will be able to handle all your needs with any card you use for purchases or payments. I was impressed with the quickness and ease of use of their system and how it works. From now on, if you want to have your traffic citations processed and recorded and tracked for the benefit of your peace-of-mind, then go to and submit your traffic citation online.

As for sending in my traffic citation to the Chicago Traffic Bureau Revenue Department for payment, I will pass on it for the time being because I just can't wait that long. I can't take the chance of being ‘pulled' from the bottom of a stack of mail that will get looked at close to Christmas or the New Year. is the way to go and I'll just keep that site bookmarked from now on. Be safe and stay clear of those who will keep your traffic citation in the ‘pulled' stack of mail. Technology is here, it's called BobCOP.

John Cole is a freelance writer focusing mainly on private organizations and specific services that offer niche products or services to the general public at large.

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