Top 10 Partnership Opportunities in 2007

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Ten new internet business partnership opportunities have emerged in the 2007: Network is a group of websites dealing with the emerging Web 2.0, Web Advertising, Online Shopping and with the mission to let the users interact, voting, commenting, arguing and sharing their opinions free and freely. They launched 10 websites in 2006 and are now seeking appropriate partners for developments in 2007. If you are looking for a business partnership opportunity, you should start watching how their activities already developed and how will grow in early 2007; you should also notice that they are already involved both in the America and Europe, mainly in the United States, United Kingdom and Italy. The websites looking for exclusive partnerships are: 1. - Web Advertising Centre. is 100% web advertising; there is the option to submit web advertising for free in the form of video advertising, audio advertising and any other web advertising model. is a web directory and you can find leading advertisers through affiliate marketing programs 2. - Web Shopping Centre. is 100% web shopping. Similar to, you can also submit a website for free if dealing with online shopping. is a web directory with leading web shopping promotions through affiliate marketing programs. 3. - Cool Sources and Solutions. is going to select sources and solutions on the internet based on how cool they are. Users will interact with the site adding comments, voting their favourite cool sites 4. - Web 2.0 Sources and Solutions. is going to be an open directory where to submit anything related to the Web 2.0. Similar to, users will add their comments and vote their favourite Web 2.0 sources and solutions 5. - Career and Jobs Sources. is made by and for job seekers, employs, freelancers, career movers. Users can promote themselves for free using the Adword 6. - Online Agora and Open Forum. aims to let users freely arguing any subject like in an online Agora and forum 7. - Wartime and Peace Information. is going to collect information, news and source about peace and war emergency. Anyone can participate in and help to build a no-profit online library about Peace and Wartime 8. - Business to Business in Italy. is going to focus on the Italian Business to Business market; a must-see site where to find information, contacts, news about Business to Business in Italy 9. - Co-buying in Italy. is going to develop a co-buying platform for the Consumer Market in Italy - Business to Exchange in Italy. is going to develop a technological platform for a Web Exchange in Italy where any business can buy and sell any product online.

"We have a small but ambitious team and wish to implement the development of our Network with one or more partners specifically dealing with the core business of each site" - stated Giovan B. Grillo, Managing Director of the network - "We are going to secure a first round investment during 2007 and partner with key-operators as we proceed according to the business plan". "Emerging Web 2.0 and Mobile technology operators are the people we want to work with. We are very keen to partner with them and be the most flexible we can in order to do so", added Giovanni Petretti, Marketing Director. Although, some of the sites are in a early stage version, network already achieves an average of 30,000 visitors per month but their directors are confident to reach the target of 500,000 visitors per month by the end of 2007. Most of the business is generated by Affiliate Marketing deals and additional activities will be added in the next months. "The Affiliate Marketing sector responds enthusiastically to the (Web Shopping Centre) and (Web Advertise Centre) concepts and we even have a fantastic opportunity for an Affiliate Marketing Manager to join our team immediately", Giovanni Petretti commented. "We have an exciting business plan, unique brands, beautiful domain names and especially, we enjoy the game we are playing in and looking forward to reach exclusive business partnerships in 2007", Giovan B. Grillo concluded. If you are interested in a partnership with Network, you can directly contact

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