Upgrading Your Rental Property

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The rental market is a great place to make some good money and increase your equity. Rental properties traditionally end up paying for themselves which is why they are such popular investment. However, in today's market, one must set their rental property apart from the masses of other available properties. Here are some good things to consider if you are renting a property or properties and you want to realize as large a profit as possible.

Cleanliness is key with a rental property. Renters really appreciate a clean environment. So many rentals are dingy and lacking in life. A landlord who goes the extra mile to make their property attractive and lively will not only receive a greater monthly income, but will attract a better quality of renter. As a landlord ask yourself, "what kind of renter do I want?" Most answers will be the same, "a renter who is clean, quiet, and pays their bills on time." The question is, what do you have to do to attract that kind of tenant?

Location is a major factor in rentals. Proximity to major urban centers, universities and shopping are big sellers to renters who are usually tied to these amenities in one way or another. Whether they be students, young couples or singles, or older individuals and couples, access to amenities is a huge boon. Updated appliances are also a huge selling point for a renter. Nobody wants to live in a home or apartment with old and shoddy appliances. A new stove and fridge will go a long way towards attracting renters.

There is really no substitute for being an attentive and responsible landlord. Fixing anything that is necessary and being responsive to the needs of your renters (within reason of course) speaks highly of you as a landlord and will help you to attract a higher class of tenant. Remember, the more attractive and welcoming your rental is, the more likely you are to get a good long-term renter. It's worth spending a few dollars on sprucing the place up when the returns for a higher quality rental are so appealing.

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