Inflatable Boats... Not What You May Be Thinking

by Trevor Kugler - Date: 2007-02-15 - Word Count: 435 Share This!

Would you love to have a boat to go fishing, or kayaking, or just exploring on your local lake or river? But don't have the thousands of dollars that are necessary to have a traditional boat? Or maybe you like to camp or have an RV and want a boat to take along with you that doesn't involve all the hassle of a trailer and such? It may be time for you to give inflatable boats a look see. Inflatable boats have come a long way since the days of that two person blue and white raft that you used to have when you were a kid.

Imagine being able to drive 20 miles into the mountains, then hiking a couple of miles to a secluded mountain lake? Then imagine doing the exact same thing with a boat? No pulling a trailer behind the vehicle or carrying a canoe? No, with an inflatable you can carry it in your vehicle and then in a backpack. With the help of a lightweight foot pump, you have a boat on the aforementioned lake! How nice would that be?

In the 21st century this isn't a dream, it's a reality. If you're in need of a boat (and don't have a ton of money) it may be time to look into a quality inflatable. There are all kinds of places to find info on such things, just do a search on the net. Inflatable boats are a truly affordable and convenient alternative to a traditional boat. Many years ago I bought a used "traditional" boat to save money. At the time it was an affordable alternative to my boat problem. To make a long and tedious story short, in the long run I wasted four times what the boat cost me, just maintaining it. It was a terrible experience. I won't buy a used boat ever again because of that experience.

Don't waste your time and money going through an experience such as the one I went through. In hindsight, a quality inflatable would have been the way to go. Not to mention the fact that had I bought a quality inflatable boat, I'd more than likely still have it today. And it would have cost my a fraction of the money the "traditional" boat cost me.

The bottom line, as I've said, is that inflatable boats have come a long way and are now a viable alternative when it comes to buying a boat. I realize what the idea of an inflatable boat conjures up in your mind, but what I'm saying is that they may not be what your thinking.

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