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Who has never heard anything about German roads? I think, almost everybody who has ever touched a car, has also heard fairy tales about German roads. And those fairy tales are partly true stories. Because these roads are really good, but not always.

Of course, if you hear about German roads, you probably listen to stories about so called "autobahn" highways. These are actually wide built highways with minimum 2 lanes and one separate emergency lane on the right. Some of these roads were built at the beginning of the past century. The both sides of the road are equipped with guardrail and sometimes, when the highway goes through or nearby the urban areas - with plastic fences to isolate people living in the area from noise. The guardrail separating the driving directions is often combined with special bushes or plastic shields to protect the driver from getting blind because of the traffic lights.

The most interesting moment in those highways is that actually there are no speed limits on them. I mean, if there is no speed limit active right now, you could actually drive as fast as your vehicle can, of course, if it does not result harm to the other traffic participants. In fact, there are not so many places where you could drive at unlimited speed, because there are always some intervals of the highways, where a speed limit is necessary and after it's cancellation there are usually only some kilometers to drive without any limitations and after that - again you should slow down.

But there are some pieces of road especially beloved by the owners of "charged" cars, where the number of lanes is 3 and there is no speed limit for several dozens of kilometers. Some of those drivers come specially to have some moments of pleasure there, driving at 250 km/h or more. Of course, such racers are surely interesting to watch, especially if you drive in your average car in the second lane with your maximum 200 and somebody takes you over as if you were just staying. Or another type of adrenaline lovers, which force you to have an adrenaline boost even more as themselves - motorcycle riders. On such "unlimited" ranges they are unbelievably fast. Imagine the same situation, you are in the second lane and are trying to get 210 out of your 120 horsepower and 1400 kg of weight and you actually do not succeed it. And then you hear "whoosh". At first you don't understand what has happened. After a couple of such "whooshes" in a sunny day, you will be able to notice for a millisecond a figure on two wheels. That was a sport-biker having fun with his 300 or more km/h. Imagine what happens if you will try to takeover a slow car in the second lane and you'll change the lane to the third without looking at the mirror and the biker is also quick enough not to succeed slowing down.

Another interesting type of roads in Germany are so-called "landstrasse"-roads, that are connecting districts and small towns. Normally there is a speed limit of 100 km/h, often limited with explicit signs to 70. These roads have usually lots of curves. And if you use fully the allowed speed, you'll feel yourself like a racing pilot while handling those curves with squeaking tires. And again those crazy bikers. They are having of course more pleasure while racing through those curves over the speed limit. Some of such ranges are even prohibited for motorcycles if there is another way to use. So, don't miss this pleasure while traveling to Germany and have a nice trip.

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