Texas Hold'em Poker- Types of Opponents

by Napoleon Will - Date: 2006-12-28 - Word Count: 322 Share This!

Poker is a game of people with four basic types of strategies. The tight-passive opponent plays very few hands pre-flop and rarely bets. Any time this opponent puts money into the pot, you can be sure he has a very strong hand. Since this opponent plays very few hands, you can win a lot of small pots off him. When you have position on him, make it a habit to raise him regardless of your hand. Most times he will have nothing and he'll just fold. The tight-aggressive opponent plays very few hands pre-flop. When he does play a hand, he usually comes into the pot with a raise. When this guy raises pre-flop, it is most likely that he has a high pocket pair or a very strong starting hand. Get out of his way when he raises the pot. Other times, you can raise this player's blinds and win small pots off of him.

The loose-passive player is also called the calling station. The calling station will call many hands pre-flop and on the flop. This type of player typically cannot be bluffed. Against this type of player, you should play very tight. Wait for a high pocket pair or two high cards and raise the pot pre-flop. The calling station will usually pay off the best hand all the way to the river. Play solid ABC poker against the calling station and you will eventually have all of his money. The final player is the toughest one to play against. The loose-aggressive opponent is always raising, betting, and playing aggressive. It is very tough to put him on hand because he plays any two cards. Wait for a good hand and play back at this opponent. For each type of opponent, you should adjust your strategy to properly counter his strategy. The player who knows how to adjust his strategy will always have the biggest edge in any poker game.

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