Flipping The Switch - Taking Your Life Off Autopilot

by Jeffrey Brownstein - Date: 2007-01-12 - Word Count: 869 Share This!

I bet when you woke up this morning, you had a pretty good idea of how your day would unfold. You'd take a shower, go to work, watch television - whatever it is you routinely do without much thought. It's kind of like being on autopilot. You already know certain events will transpire, even before they happen. What we often forget though, is that we are constantly making choices - about EVERYTHING - even if those choices are passive, and even when we don't think we have any choice at all.

So what time do you flip on the autopilot switch in the morning? If you're like most people, chances are this happens somewhere between the moment your eyes open to when you're brushing your teeth! We jump into the flow, sort of like riding a breeze, not quite sure where we'll end up - observing and reacting during the course of our day - and when it's over, we're often left unwinding and de-stressing, so we can do it all again tomorrow. Sounds like fun, no?

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot to be said for a comfortable routine. Going with the flow is fabulous - as long as you've pre-paved your destination. And certain habits serve us well (i.e. getting dressed, eating meals, etc). If we were to intensely focus on everything, we likely wouldn't have the energy to accomplish those things which are truly important to us. The problem arises though when our entire day passes as a sort of unconscious blur - when we give the same muted attention to moments that could be life-transforming as we do to combing our hair.

Remember, when it comes to Law of Attraction, what you give your energy and focus to is what you receive. Everything you have in your life right now, you have created - the good, the bad, and the mundane. So the question worth asking is "Do you have everything you want?" If you do, you probably don't need to read any further. But if you have this feeling that there might be something more - something that, should it 'pop,' would make your life wildly fulfilling - then keep reading, because it won't take a huge effort to shift what shows up in your life.

One technique I use to break the pattern of living by default - and take back the controls of my life - is taking 5-10 minutes before I go to sleep to 'create my day' (those of you who have seen 'What The Bleep Do We Know' may be familiar with the premise). I work with four distinct areas in life which are important to me - career, health, relationships, and spirituality (you can work with any, and as many areas as you wish). I consciously let the Universe know what I wish to have happen in each area for the following day (of course, you can do this in the morning when you wake up if you prefer). When I'm complete, I let everything go, leaving the 'hows' to the Universe. That's a critical piece to the Law of Attraction puzzle. Your only job is to declare what you want, and believe you will receive it. Then it's up to the Universe to deliver it in the best way possible.

Now if this sounds at all like meditation, it is - sort of. But for those of you who shudder at the mere mention of 'meditation', I'll let you in on a personal secret. Meditating (in the traditional sense) holds about as much excitement for me as watching grass grow. All I'm basically doing is taking a few minutes to consciously focus, and really get in tune with what I want. By doing so, I'm raising my vibrational level in order to quickly manifest what I desire. In fact, any time you find yourself off course during your day, it helps to bring yourself back to the question "What do I want?" When you do, you'll find your vibration almost instantly leaps to higher ground.

Once you get into the habit (see, habits can be good!) of creating each day, you'll find the world will show up differently for you. At first, the changes may seem subtle - small 'coincidences' you notice that bring you slightly closer to what you've asked for. With some fine-tuning, those small events will become bigger serendipities. It will feel like the Universe is lining up for you, laying down a red carpet, and inviting you to step forward. It's not magic, but it can certainly feel that way!

So flipping the switch - shifting from autopilot to taking control of you life - is actually very simple. It only requires some conscious creation, paying attention to what unfolds around you, then taking action which moves you closer to all you desire. The nice thing about Law of Attraction is you've pretty much been doing this all along - remember, you've already been attracting everything - the difference is now you become a deliberate creator, rather than crossing your fingers and hoping things turn out ok. I can make you a guarantee: no matter what you do, things will always turn out ok. But when you harness Law of Attraction, you gain the power to create exactly what you want. So grab the controls and really fly!

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by Jeffrey T. Brownstein 12/8/06 Jeffrey T. Brownstein is a Certified Empowerment Coach (CEC), specializing in Law of Attraction. He has Bachelor's degrees in English and Metaphysics, and is also a Certified Energy Healer, Holistic Health Consultant, Landmark Education graduate, and has been a Group Exercise Instructor for 13 years. Jeff currently resides in New Jersey, and is working on a book about harnessing the power of Law of Attraction.

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