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by munish dev rathee - Date: 2007-02-23 - Word Count: 500 Share This!

Based on the training and consulting I have done with practitioners across North America and the United Kingdom, I have identified the following three characteristics of successful Leading Practitioners. - Sturdy visibility and reliability amid high influence referral sources - Web sites that are client centered, easily navigate able, and highly noticeable on the internet - Have a status for creating a better client experience.

How do you boost your visibility and credibility amongst referral sources so everyone who spends time in front of your target market can confidently and efficiently speak about you and your proficiency? You do this by making sure referral sources know who you are and what your expertise is. This requires that you have a distinctive value proposition and have recognized who the high influence referral sources are. Once you have your memo and know your top referral sources, your next step is to communicate your message to referral sources that could benefit from knowing about your proficiency and service. Your objective is to have referral sources know enough about you and your expertise so they can easily and confidently say to potential clients, "Let me give you the name of a specialist who can help you .... The following are three action steps you can take to increase your visibility and credibility among high influence referral sources:

- Conclude your message: Provide transparency about what you do, who you do it for, the value you offer, and how you distinguish your services.

- Explain your target market: Know the individuality of your best clients and referral sources so you have matched your core strengths and values with those of an alert market.

- Spend time with quality referral sources who are consistently in front of your target market:

1. Set up 2-3 purposeful lunches a week - learn about referral sources' key goals and tell them your core message.

2. Stay in touch with referral sources by sending articles of interest.

3. Invite referral resources to events and trainings.

4. Send letters of introduction about your services; include your brochure or a brochure on collaborative practice.

5. Contact your clients' providers ( i.e., if you are a lawyer, contact clients' mental health professional and let him/her know about Collaborative Practice)

6. Congratulate referral sources who are in the news.

7. Set up interviews to study about referral sources' practice so you can develop your own professional network and refer your clients to the best professionals in your community.

8. Help your referral sources to be successful - bring as much value as you can to your referral sources.

By spending the time identifying who your best referral sources are and then consistently doing the activities to strengthen those dealings, you will see a boost in class referrals and you will pull towards you advantageous clients who are a good fit for your services and expertise. The end result is more control over building a practice that you take pleasure in and brings important value to your clients.

Munish Rathee working for Ferris consulting, the site provides consultancy for Law Firm Marketing.

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