Advice, Get Your Girl Back: The First Crucial Steps

by MARC SANDFORD - Date: 2008-09-10 - Word Count: 482 Share This!

It's finally happened, you've broken up with your ex. So what do you do now? This article will lay out the next crucial steps to take right after the breakup.

1.) The very first item for you to deal with is panic and stress. You cannot take control and actually do something that will work when you're stressed out.

2.) Avoid discussing among your friends your problems with your ex. This does nothing but reinforce your bad feelings. It will also make your friends very uncomfortable. Their suggestions will be of questionable value if they're inexperienced at dealing with relationship problems.

3.) Don't assume that the situation will somehow fix itself. You will have to make it happen. A cool head will be needed to do this.

However, there's a balance to be struck between inaction and trying to patch things up as fast as possible. Relationship repair cannot be achieved overnight. In fact it will take some time for the emotions of the breakup to settle down. This time is required to reflect and to get things into perspective. Before you try contacting her, you must have an understanding of the reasons for the breakup.

4.) Try being friends with her. It's not the easiest thing to do with someone you've recently broken up with but it sets you up well for future contact with her. The current status of your relationship is always defined by what was said during the last contact. That last contact is the basis for her current thoughts about you.

Try doing some of the fun things that you used to do when you first met her. This will serve to remind her of the good side of your relationship. This fun aspect of your past relationship will make it harder for her to leave.

5.) Be very careful when drinking alcohol. It will mess up your judgement. Late night drinking often results in an impulsive phone call to the ex.

No one wants to be woken up late at night with a phone call. This is especially true if that call is from their ex. Because the alcohol will loosen up your inhibitions, things will be said that will make matters worse.

6.) Get out of the house and have a little fun. I know that it's easier said than done, but it has great therapeutic value. It's time to dust off old friendships and to make some new ones too. Enjoying life again will drive away the pain and depression of the separation.

If you've followed through with the above steps both you and your ex should be on good terms with each other. Although the romantic relationship hasn't been reestablished yet, you are miles ahead of where you were at the time of the breakup.

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