Introduction To Astronomy

by Jeff Seward - Date: 2008-10-20 - Word Count: 520 Share This!

Since the start of time, men and women have looked up into the sky, looking for answers. Why are we here? Where are we? And what are those shinning light in the night sky? Astronomy hence began, and it is the analyze of that beauty that we call the heavens.

Astronomy nowadays is austerely not looking up at the stars, decision new stars, and analyzing catalogued stars, it encompasses many different areas. For example some demarcate astronomy as the cram of the motions and natures of interim bodies, while others will say that it is about studying the substance and the worry in space, while yet others label astronomy as the analysis of the Universe, which includes everything.

The examine of astronomy has finished on since the daylight of time. Men and women required to know more and looking up with thought and speculate amazed people thousands of people as it does with us. The report of astronomy is skill. And men and female happening expenses more time studying what lay slim of the sphere of our Earth.

This considered of astronomy has later over the living, where a thousand being ago there were no instruments that could give us an uttermost of what lay unlikely the Earth, like our planets. In fact for so much time men and female said that we were the centre of the Universe. However, as we have progressed we have found the Earth is globular, and we are not the centre of the Universe, but on an arm in the Milky Way galaxy; one of many hundreds of billions of other galaxies.

Telescopes are used for actually viewing the heavens and celestial bodies. The span celestial bodies, means the stars, the galaxies, the planets and all substance in space. Optical telescopes however is a topical invention compared to how long man has looked up at the stars in wonder.

It was Galileo Galilee who made his own kind of telescope, and viewed Saturn, and said that Saturn looked like it had ears! And this happened only a few hundred time ago! Another chief contributor to the telescope was Isaac Newton, who also was the first one to find gravity exists when an apple floor on his president!

Both Galileo and Newton made such an impact in the take of astronomy that both there novel designs of the telescope are in use nowadays! You can find these telescopes at many supplies, however toy supply telescopes will regularly have Galileo's story of the telescope. Albeit that the telescopes open nowadays are much more sophisticated and vanguard than Galileo's or Newton's.

The area of astronomy is plain amazing. It has transformed our vista of our Universe. The lessons of astronomy did not come with comfort. For a long time the repression of the evidence about our place in the Universe was covert. Many were even put to casualty because of their views in astronomy. These pioneers paved the way for us, and today we can look billions ahead billions of light being away and see objects which would not be workable physically to call in a time.

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