Looking For Unique And Affordable Christmas Gift Idea?  Try Customized Bobbleheads

by Daniel v Lee - Date: 2008-11-23 - Word Count: 306 Share This!

So what is the latest Christmas gift idea floating in the market. Well, to be fair, there are many. Of course, there are the latest Blackberries and iPhones, not to mention the Wii sets that have become immensely popular during the last year. But all these fancy gifts come with a big price tag. There is no guarantee that the person receiving these gifts will not receive the same thing from someone else. Heres an idea that I stumbled upon while shopping for latest Christmas gift ideas on the Internet. I was looking for something that had a personal touch, which was unique, which stands out from others and which would not cost too much. I found the answer in a simple but brilliant idea of customized bobblehead dolls.

Bobblehead dolls are all around us but just imagine if the doll had the image of your graduation day or the first time you held your daughter in your arms. Thats what this bobblehead doll idea is about. It is a great way of saying that you care about the persons that you are giving the gifts to. So a Santa bobblehead doll for the little kids or a Jesus bobblehead doll for your parents can be great Christmas gift ideas.

Theres another feature  you can put your own customized messages on the bobblehead doll. So your friends can receive a doll that has a message with their nicknames or something which is unique about your relationship.

Honestly, I found this simple idea really amazing. So, I wanted to share this with you. There must be hundreds of other great ideas in the market but this one is unique, personal and affordable. The measure of a gift is the feeling that you wish that you will receive this gift someday. I would certainly want a bobblehead doll with my face.

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