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However, you will want to make yourself as knowledgeable on each Botox alternative as you can, so that you can decide whether any of them are better than the actual Botox procedure in your opinion.

Botox Alternative #1 - Protox

The first Botox alternative is Protox, which is basically the same idea as Botox only without the injections. Basically: Protox reduces the depth of wrinkles around the eyes that are caused by the contraction of the muscles of facial expressions; prevents aging of the skin induced by repeated facial movements mediated by excessive catecholamines release; extends the life of Botox injections reducing the number of procedures and thus saving you money; and Protox is applied as a gel, one which hydrates and moisturizes.

Protox has in fact been shown to reduce the depth of wrinkles by up to 50% in just 30 days, and the price of it is actually quite reasonable. As well, in recent tests, no other Botox alternative was able to outperform Protox in regards to the act of reversing the signs of aging and minimizing wrinkle lines.

Botox Alternative #2 - Face Lift

There are many more possible risks and complications with this type of procedure, which is a fact that is incredibly important to know before venturing down this path. This is certainly a much more severe alternative to botox treatment, as well as more costly, however if you are the type of individual that wishes to have a more permanent and obvious result, and as this proceedure generally achieves this end then this may be just the option you are looking for.

Most cosmetic face lift surgery is used to help improve some of the damage from aging, such as, for instance, loosening of the facial skin where it has become tight and creasing around the nose and mouth; from lift types such as deep plane lifts to feather lifts, almost any variation and extent of surgery is available in order to meet the needs of your facial improvement goals, at a cost.

Obviously, it is completely up to you with regards as to which type of procedure you proceed to have done, or if you feel that the regular Botox treatment would be best for you; just remember to inform yourself on all of the available procedures first. Importantly by doing this step you can make the right decision for yourself so that you will be at the very least comfortable, at ease, and satisfied with the results your treatment brings you. You may require several treatments so your judgement may need to wait till the end of the treatment cycle.

Botox Alternative #3 -Prevention as an alternative

I know this may be self destroying when it comes to what I am about to say on my site but...I would not feel happy or upfront if I omitted this one very important point concerning Botox and the requirements of its' use.

In most age caused problems that are in need of repairs, in this case, using botox, their need would be greatly deminished with greater care and prevention of our person especially our skin over time. What I mean by this, and whom I am directing this at, is especially the young. By protecting your youthful skin especially when in the sun and against the use of tropical toxins, either externally, i.e. creams, lotions etc, or from the enviroment, i.e. dry air exposure etc, you will surely find, as you age, you will not develope as many skin problems that ultimately may require botox or botox alternatives to the same degree as those with wrinkled saging skin as those of us who neglected this care. Not really our fault though. The information available to nearly all now was not readily available to us in our youth.

So enjoy your youth but please take some basic cares concerning your overall health. Those of us that need the odd little bit of help will surely use that help intelligently. Not to worry though there is always botox or a good botox alternative out there for us.

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